Generation Annihilation Episode May 12, 2007

12:00pm - 1:00am

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Track Listing:

Chelsea · Sod The War
Greedy Awful People
The Stooges · The Weirdness
The Prisoner
The Sick Boys · Dealin Up Your Daily Dose
Sound City Hooligans · We Live As Boys Should
We're All Alone
The Tranzmittors · S/T
True Sounds Of The Revolution · Where's My Revolution?
The Threats · God Is Not With Us Today
See The Man Run
GBH · Race Against Time
The Machinist
Cold War · Anti-Capitalism
West Bank
Red Dons · Escaping Aman
What Went Wrong
Wholesale Murder · S/T
So Much Hate
Scum · Born Too Soon
Blood Guts
For The Worse · Blood Guts Going Nuts
Four Stroke · I Was A Teenage Suicide Bomber
Every Night
Saint Street Brawlers · Story Of A Wasted Night
Molded By Silence
System Shit · S/T
I Hate It
Mouth Sewn Shut · Doomed Future Today
Right To Die
Talk Is Poison · Condensed Humaity
Deaths Mrionette
SHOS · Power Hazard
Everydays Crime Scene Reports
Mortal Combat · Hello Fuck You Thank You
Accept This Offering
Limb From Limb · Death Famine Plague
Maimed And Slaughtered
Discharge · Why
Disco Sucks
DOA · Punk Rock Singles
The Dead Sing Hyn
WBTD · Sucking Of The Missle Cock