Generation Annihilation Episode March 31, 2007

Broadcast on 31-Mar-2007

12:00pm - 1:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Take The Power Back
Violent Arrest
The Threats · God Is Not With Us Today
You Can't Stop Us
Assert · Bulletin
Dont Do It
Legion Of Parasites · Bollox
Dying World
Anti-System · Bollox
Computers Dont Blunder
The Exploited · The Singles Collection
Citizen Fish · SplitW/LC
Bought And Sold
Liberty · The People Who Care Are Angry
Get Out Of The Way
The Magnificent · Hit And Run
Sliding Down A Stream
Chelsea · Faster Ceaper Better Looking
Gluttons Of Privelege
Behind Enemy Lines · One Nation Under The Iron Fisst Of God
Forging Minds
Sanctum · Split W/ Stormcrow
Generals Die In Bed
Hellshock · Split W/Effigy
Dead Man Walking
Ada Max · 5 Tales Of Terror
Jenny Aint God
The Metal Eddies · Brains Of The Operation
Play The Part
Career Suicide · Attempted Suicide
Skateboard Hooligans
Shelank'd Shoulders · Endless Grind
DP Ws Right
MicroEdge · S/T
Living Fter Midnight
Microedge · S/T
Louie Louie
MicroEdge · S/T
So Fucking What
Four Stroke · I Was A Teenage Suicide Bimber