Generation Annihilation Episode October 14, 2006

12:00pm - 1:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

The Subhumans · NDAP
People Of The Plag
The Subhumans · NDAP
Regulations · Electric Guitar
Anti Reverence Anthem
Margaret Thrasher · Are You There God
Closer To The End
Fuck Me Dead · Are You There God
Chuck Norris · S/T
Primetime Reality
Knucklehead · The New Blacklist
Storm Over Europe
Stars And Stripes · One Man Army
The Left · Jesus Loves The Left
I Killed The Dove
Code Of Honor · Complete Studio Recordings
Blood Red States
Witch Hunt · War Coma
I'm A Rat
Retcing Red · Scarlett Whore Of War
Gorllia Angreb · S/T
No Survivors
Lebenden Totten · State Laughter
Murder Disco X · Ground Zero
Thee Caustic Curse
Caustic Christ · Lycanthropy
Kick It
Voetsek · A Match Made In Hell
Get The Gun
Mouth Sewn Shut · Pandemic+Solution
Yawn Of The Dead
Die Brucke · S/T
Never Healed
Heresy · 1985-'87
Social Cycle
Krual · The Ugly Truth
Fear Of The Future
Doom · Dead And Gone
No One Knowes
Charge · Perfection Plus
the jolts · jinx