Generation Annihilation Episode March 12, 2005

12:00pm - 1:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Death Sentence · Not a Pretty Sight
Broken Toy
SNFU · And No one else...
Too Drunk to Fuck
Dead Kennedy's · Too Drunk to fuck
DRI · Dealing With It
Inside my Head
Dayglo Abortions · Feed Us Fetus
Asexuals · Be What you Want
White Minority
Black Flag · Jelous Again
Body Bag
Nomeansno · You Kill Me
Bunchofcukingoofs · Carnival of Chaos..
Red and Black
7 Seconds · The Crew
UK Subs · Warhead
Down the Drain
Detonators · Balls to You
Terrorist Attack
Random Killing · Re-issued
Bad Brains · Rock for Light
DI · Team Goon
Fast Food Diet
The Faction · Collectino
We Turn Away
Dead Silence · Unlearning
War Hero
Toxic Reasons · Independence
Keppia Rondalile
Rattus · s/t
But after The Gig
Ballast · Sound Asleep
The Puzzle Box
Weaving the DEath Bag · The Devils Punchline
My Kid has a Kid
I Object · s/t
The Great Deciever
HOD · s/t
Armed To The Fucking Teeth
Decontrol · The Final War