Generation Annihilation Episode November 13, 2004

12:00pm - 1:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Flipper · Not So Quiet
Rememberance Day
Short And Curlies · For Fucks Sake
Lest We Forget
Blitzkrieg · The Best Of
Fallen Hero
The Enemy · Gateway To Hell
Fuck The USA
The Exploited · Troops Of Tomorrow
Teenage Fallout
Emergency · S/T
Spirit Bomb
Drongos For Europe · Barcode Generation
Bank Job
Intensive Care · North Londons Finest
Action · S/T
Radio Video
The Eddie Haskels · Dumster Divin
Price On Saddams Head
Texas Theives · Killer On Craigs List
Running For Cover
Pariah · Youths Of Age
AYG · Mowhawks And Mallox
Global Homicide
Fighting Chance · sacrifice and struggle
The Great Dissapointment
The Fallout · Turning Revolution Into Money
Complete Control · Reaction
I'll Be Alright
The Guvnors · The Yob Pop
Shoplifting At Maceys
The Briefs · Sex Objects
Party In My Pants
The Ulcers · Hot Skin And Cold Cash
Life Against Death · S/T