Generation Annihilation Episode June 26, 2004

12:00pm - 1:00am

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Track Listing:

Wild In The Streets
Electric Frankenstein · We Will Bury You
Reason Why
One Way System · Writing On The Wall
No Way
Picture Frame Seduction · Hand Of The Rider
No One Survives
Broken Bones · No One Survives
In The Red
Sick 56 · Recipe For Disaster
Action Man
The Strike · The Oi! Collection
Dead Hero
The Samples · Split w/Crux
The Threats · 12 Punk Moves
Anarchist Elite
Intensive Care · North Londons Finest
Complete Control · Vicious Circle
Barbie Dolls
Lower Class Brats · A Class Of Own
Line Em Up
Lager Louts · Big Brehs Heart Aches
US Roughnecks · 20 Bucks And Tw o Black Eys
We hAD a dEAL
The Traditionals · Dead Society
Nothing Is Sacred Anymore
Last Supper · Shielded By Death
Smut Peddlars · Coming Out
Perfect Crime
Radio 1 · Old Skars and upstarts
You Got My Number
Rotten Apples · Real Tuff
Sunday Morning Einsteins · Kangave