Flex Your Head Episode September 15, 2015

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

Cannibal Cafe
SNFU · And No One Else Wanted To Play
DOA · Hardcore 81
I dance to trance in garbage bag pants
Daggermouth · Stallone
Dancing On Their Ruins
The Attack · Mental Health
Recipe For Disaster
Career Suicide · Attempted Suicide
Grist For The Mill
Scabs · demo
10727 King George Hwy.
Aspirations · EP
When It All Falls Apart
September · split w/ Truth About Angels
Night Terrors
Cursed · Three
Something To Die For
A Death For Every Sin · In A Tie Where Hope Is Lost
live to die
death sentence · not a pretty sight
Our Rules
China Creeps · s/t
Blue Monday · What's Done Is Done
Bro Ettiquette
Slingshot · Shmer
Something Going On
Tranzmitors · s/t
Alone In A Pointless Life
Living Darkness · s/t
Before And After
Risky Buisiness · Some Days
Head Chest Or Foot
Propagandhi · How To Clean Everything
Solid Hell
Fornix · demo
We're Not Like You
Alternate Action · s/t
Full of Shit
Keep It Up · s/t
Final Words
Hollow Ground · Cold Reality
Intro/ Looking Back
Brand New Unit · No Heroes
Pick Up Your Skate
Chuck Norris · s/t
Guns Don't Kill People I Do
In Dying Days · Life As A Balancing Act
Hard Times
Beyond Possession · Repossessed
Raised by Wolves
The Endless Blockcade · Primitive
Set Foot · Aging
Rum Tum Tugger
Reserve 34 · Raincity Games
50 Years
Our War · If You're Not Now
Come On Everybody / Cory Webster
S.T.R.E.E.T.S. · Worms
Society Bullshit
Born Bad · Moron Music
I Don't Care
Broadcast Zero · Yesterday You Could Change The World
Wrong Place Wrong Time
Final Word · Fools Like You
The World To Me
By A Thread · The Last Of The Daydreams
Dangerloves · Easy
Backside Disaster
In Stride · Place Of Decay
Tonight We Rejoice
3 Inches Of Blood · demo
One Thousand Lies
Burden · Strength Of Conviction
All On The Outside
Wednesday Night Heroes · Guilty Pleasures
D.B.S. · Some Boys Got It Most Men Don't
Fucked Up · Epic In Minutes
our mistakes
Go It Alone · vancouver gold
When Foundations fall
End This Week With Knives · We Are So Transparent
Speaking Of Heroes
Sparkmarker · Products And Accessories
Strain · Here And Now
You're The Problem
Under Pressure · Black Bile
I Killed Mommy
Dayglo Abortions · Feed us a Fetus