Flex Your Head Episode October 29, 2013

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

Misfits · Legacy Of Brutality
Pet Semetary
The Ramones · Greatest Hits
Chasing My Tail
Modern Life Is War · Fever Hunting
Fraser And Kingsway
Taxa · Ressurection Year
Senseless Crime
Bishops Green · s/t
All Of Us Or None
Greenback High · s/t
Cogs In The Machine
Mammoth Grinder · Underworlds
Burn The Radio
Stranglehold · s/t
Personal Attack
Your Problem · demo
Face Your Problems
Violent Situation · demo
Take You Down
Sai Nam · Crush
March Of The Nephilim/ Sure Suicide
Death Threat · split w/ Rude Awakening
Shallow Graves
Unfun · Caroline
Shit Your Out
Vilolent Reaction · s/t
No Leash
Down To Nothing · Life On The James
Severed Ties
Rude Awakening · split w/ Death Threat
See Through You
Still Above Snakes · demo
Way Of The World
Badlands · Under One Flag
Working Class Friday Night
Harrington Saints · Bettin' On A Longshot
Spider Sisters
Impalers · s/t
Moral Reprehensible Fucks
Erosion · Kill Us All
My Third Eye
East Beast · s/t
Murderer's Row
Power Trip · Manifest Decimation
Eagle's Grip
Rock Bottom · Down With The Devil
Bed Of Nails
Depressing · Life Just Gets Worse
Torch The Place
Born Wrong · s/t
Burning Rope
Alpha And Omega · No Rest No Peace
The hardest Lesson
Smalltown · Under One Flag
Taffy Dale
Fair Weather Friends · How Can I Get This For Free
Old Ways
Closet Case · It Doesn't get Better
Deliver Us To Evil
Twitching Tongues · In Love There Is No Evil
Angel Dust · Xtra Raw
How It Is
Open Letters · 1-6
Two Of Us
White Lung · s/t
A Distance
Morne · Shadows