Flex Your Head Episode May 28, 2013

6:00pm - 8:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

4th crusade
bolt thrower · 4th crusade
in the shadow of death
sanctum · lp
night terrors
hellshock · shadow of the afterworld
razors edge
ripper · into oblivion
ghost of war
slayer · south of heaven
escuadron de fracasados
sudor · ciudad imperial
destuye todo
terokal · life after war
fracaso · disco de 4 temas hardcore
ninos suicidas
poliskitzo · dulce del systema
oh no! (policia en ascion)
eskorbuto · maldito pais
absurdo · 12"
dinero y poder
ilegal · el aire libre fuera de los dientes del monstruo tirano y canibal
fascist cops
the kids · lp
rats in the wall
arctic flowers · split w/ spectres
Spectres · Nothing To Nowhere
bellicose minds · the spine
tumbling down
bishops green · 12"
shackled to a corpse
proxy · something we've all seen before
all she wanted
pmma · demo tape
ghost car
no problem · ...and now this
break the chain
inepsy · city weapons
consuming shit and mind pollution
framtid · under the ashes
kromosm · nuclear reich
infernoh · 7 spar ep
government arse fucking
decontrol · 12"
institution · varldens andstation
totalitar · vi ar eliten
kuitenkin kuolemme
appendix · money is not my currency
Svart Framtid · 1984
tro hap og kjaerlighet
kafka prosess · ingen fattige, ingen rike
el sueno americano
kurraka · hermanas de la oscuridad
desperat · demokrati eller diktatur?
occult ss · teeth in the dark
accepted farce
condition · 7"
creepy crawly
life form · creepy crawly
negative approach · tied down
Warcry · Deprogram
we're gonna fight
7 seconds · skins brains and guts
it's no tv sketch
discharge · decontrol
mass kontrol
no security · split w/ doom