Flex Your Head Episode January 15, 2013

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

Thorn In My Side
Quicksand · Manic Compression
Nazi Training Camp
D.O.A. · Disco Sucks
Low Road
Criminal Instinct · demo
Hammer Of Doubt
Power Trip · Southern Lord Tour 7"
Play Me For A Fool
Accelerators · Fuel For The Fire
Pouzza Song
Tightrope · split w/ Brutal Truth
All Out Panic · Pig demo 2013
I'm Civilized
Menace · G.L.C.
The Graveyard
Wtchdr · demo
The Moon
Terrible Feelings · Blank Heads
Fucked Up Baby
D.O.A. · Hardcore 81
When It Comes Around
Beware · Won't Get The Best Of Me
Rot With The Wicked
Rock Bottom · Down With The Devil
Riots And Tears
Knucklehead · Cold Civil War
Feelings Are For Assholes
Carnage Krew · NY/CT Hardcore Connection
Never Forget
Narrow View · Caught In A Trap
Preacher Man
Twitching Tongues · The Outsiders Vol. 1
The Bridge Store
45 Adaptors · Collected Works
Nothing's Sacred
Fair Weather Friends · Destructor demo
Get Out Of My Face
Snake Run · s/t
Wiped Out
Off! · s/t
Silent Scream
Systematik · s/t
Slow Burn
Soul Search · Nothing But A Nightmare
Hoopsnake · Knucklehead
20 Year Trail
Everyday Dollars · NY/CT Hardcore Connection
Booze And Glory · Red White And Blue
Vessel Empty
Outer Heaven · demo
Boiled In My Blood
Backtrack · The Extermination
Living For Today
Noi!se · Pushing On
Whatcha Gonna Do?
D.O.A. · s/t 1979
Smash The State
D.O.A. · Hardcore 81
Marijuanna Mother Fucker
D.O.A. · annabis Canada
The Prisoner
D.O.A. · 1978 7"
Loser's Club
D.O.A. · Hardcore 81
No Cemeteries Here
Tragedy · Darker Days Ahead