Flex Your Head Episode January 6, 2009

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

The twenty Year Rebellion / Started As A Revolution
Eyes Fall Open · The Twenty Year Rebellion
Brick By Brick
Alpha And Omega · Devil's Bed
Beer Bandit
Hard Charger · s/t
Visions Of A New World
The Spectres · Visions Of A New World
Alchemist Academy
Lower Hell · Asphyxia
Everyday Misery
You Lose · All In
Grist For The Mill
Scabs · demo
Another Day
Birds Of A Feather · Chapter 5
Order Out Of Chaos
Crucified · split w/ No Truce
Magic Word
Fucked Up · The Chemistry Of Common Life
you Have Good Taste
Scream Hello · Everything Is Always Still Happening
Hang Your Head
President Kennedy Is Assassinated · s/t 7"
Keep It Alive · demo
Birth Plague Die
Trash Talk · s/t
Collateral Jam-Age
Cross Examination · Menace To Sobriety
Are You Gonna Take Me
Tranzmitors · s/t
Have Heart · Songs To Scream At The Sun
They And The Children · Home
Magic Fingers
Cursed · Three
Authority Of Scripture
Sex Vid · Communal Living
Southwest Passage
Ghostlimb · Bearing And Distance
Good Year
The Grave Life · demo
Eraser Making Its Way Its Only A Job
Ceremony · Still Nothing Moves You
A Fool And His Cross
Warpriest · Archaic Revival
10 Packs Of Smokes
Inepsy · No Speed Limit On Destruction
Seven Generations · To See The End
Union Pool
The Measure (SA) · One Chapter In The Book
White Lung · Magazines
Carpathian · Isolation
Throwing Bricks
No Harm Done · Escape