Flex Your Head Episode October 21, 2008

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

picking up the pieces
Go It Alone · vancouver gold
Is There Anybody There?
Alone In The Crowd · Hold Your Ground
Cloak / Dagger · We Are
Hit Them High Hit 'Em Low Don Flamingo
Daggermouth · Stallone
To The Side
Mouthpiece · Anti Matter
Forced Reality
Piece By Piece · There Goes The Neighborhood
Law And Order
Hard Skin · Same Meat Different Gravy
Makeshift Crown
Skin Like Iron · Almagamation
Crucified For your Sins
Iron Cross · Live For Now
Thrashin For The Cash In
Cross Examination · Menace To Sobriety
Status Call
I Rise · For Redemption
The Void
Rise And Fall · Into Oblivion
One More Question
Fall Silent · Superstructure
Taming The L Word
Silent Majority · Life As A Spectator
Clock Me Out
Get The Most · Common Goals
Most Precious Blood · Nothing In Vain
Wasted Youth Crew
Blood For Blood · Victory Style 3
Blood Has Been Shed · Novella Of Uriel
Myths Of The American Meritocracy Pt. 1
Seasick · Awakenings
Scratch The Surface
Sick Of It All · Scratch The Surface
Burning Season
All Out War · For Thoses Who Were Crucified
The Sound Of Revolution
Warzone · The Sound Of Revolution
Harder To Tell
Discount · Crash Diagnostic
What We Built
Count Me Out · 110
Just Plain Mean
Out Cold · split w/ Voorhees
No Angels
Cold World · Dedicated To Babies Who Came Out Feet First
The Ice
True Blue · The Ice
Scars May Fade
Blue Monday · What's Done Is Done
One More Cross to Bear
Day Of The Dead · A New Healing Process
All I Can Take
Dead Stop · Done With You