Flex Your Head Episode October 14, 2008

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

White Trash Anthem
Blood For Blood · Outlaw Anthems
New York Crew
Judge · Bringin It Down
Black Ships · Low
White Lung · Magazines
Hate My Job
Bad Reaction · Had It Coming
Perfect Being
Morethanever · s/t
slow hand of death
bison b.c. · quiet earth
Prima Linea
Prima Linea · split w/ S.S.S.P.
Day By Day
You Lose! · All In
Left Of Me
Another Year · Moments Don't Last
The End
Hit The Bricks · demo
American Slob
Eat And Run · American Slob
Statements Made
Days · Move The Mountains
Killing On Comand
Urge For Blood · West Coast Thrashers
Low And Behold
Violation · Devoured
The Rage That Guides
Kingdom · Nine Lives
Comfort In Concrete
Grave Maker · Bury Me At Sea
An Accomplice To Murder
Deathcycle · Prelude To Tyranny
Slingshot · Rebel
You Can Have It
S.S.S.P. · The Darker Side Of Suburbia
Front Page · Still Learning
Hammer Bros · The Kids Are Dead
A Bottle Of Charades
Living With Lions · Dude Manor
Are You Gonna Take Me
Tranzmitors · s/t
In A World Of Assholes
Heavy Hearted · Overcast
The Problems Of Gods Evil
Seasick · Ouroboros
Union Pool
The Measure SA · One Chapter In The Book
A Fool And His Cross
Warpriest · Archaic Revival
Bodyguard · demo
I Block
Trash Talk · s/t