Flex Your Head Episode July 22, 2008

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

Writer's Block
Nora · Theneverendingyouline
Time To Escape
Government Issue · Complete History
Godspeed, Centipede
A Textbook Tragedy · Intimidator
This Will Be your Tomb
Gray Ghost · s/t 10"
We Were
Killing The Dream · Fractures
Carry On
Modern Crimes · s/t
Empty Soul
Said And Done · Endless Roads
Angra Mainyu
The Endless Blockade · Primitive
Routine Is Mean
Jean Mills Society Torch · Start Tomorrow
Hate My Job
Bad Reaction · Had It Coming
Before The Storm
Heavy Hearted · Overcast
10729 King George Hwy.
Aspirations · EP!
Come In From The Cold
Sleepwall · s/t 7"
Means · To Keep Me From Sinking
Coming To America
Me First And the Gimme Gimmes · Have Another Ball
Shipwreck · Abyss
No Tomorrow
Meltdown · s/t 7"
Stay Cold
Trapped Under Ice · Stay Cold
Silent Ground
Alpha And Omega · Devil's Bed
Watered Down
Down To Nothing · Split w/ 50 Lions
Offsides · It's A Struggle To Communicate
Crusades · demo
Signs Of Hope · Choices Made
Samaa Massamurhaa
Viimeinen Kolonna · Tuhat Aurinkoa
Drop The Torch
Grave Maker · Bury Me At Sea
The Shits
Kathleen Turner Overdrive · Marauder, Wolves, Scavengers! Party!
Sensory Overload
Warcry · Not So Distant Future
The Sword The Streets
The Marvelous Darlings · The Sword The Streets
Alright Tonight
Harbour 81 · Live Your Dreams
All Through A Life · s/t 7"