Flex Your Head Episode February 26, 2008

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

Wake Up America
Dayglo Abortions · Fed Us A Fetus
Both Worlds · Memory Rendered Visible
Among The Remains
Inepsy · No Speed Limit For Destruction
To A Dead God
Reign Supreme · American Violence
The Next Stone
Join The Circle · s/t
Anchor · Captivity Songs
Stand Fall And Die
Subwaste · split w/ Tommy Gustafsson And The Idiots
All On The Outside
Wednesday Night Heroes · Guilty Pleasures
Decades Of Bitter Sleep
Tiny Y Son · Embracing Uncertainty
Our World, My War
Final Verdict · Reaching For Something Better
Hearts Won't Go Away
Another Year · s/t
My escape
Criminal Damage · No Solution
Accept This Offering
Limb From Limb · Death Famine Plague
Sexless // No Sex
Iron Lung · Sexless // No Sex
Booze Machine
Nude Pube Banglers · New Wave Of Norwegian Hard Rock
Bread And Freedom
The Fallout · Dismantlement
When The Smoke Clears
Last To Remain · Operation Beatdown
Life Long Tragedy · Runaways
Bomb Factory
Born / Dead · The Final Collapse
The Boatman
Gravemaker · demo
Don't Wait Up
The Real Danger · s/t
Whip An Rein
Under Pressure · Black Bile
The Change
M Sixteen · s/t
Bro Etiquette
Slingshot · Shmer
Shipwreck · Abyss
Time Waits For No One
Enforcer · Redefining The Goal
Pure Shit
Robots And Empire · Omnivore
Bison · Earthbound
Pulling Teeth · Martyr Immortal
Running With Scissors
Broken Distance · Hourglass