Flex Your Head Episode February 5, 2008

6:00pm - 8:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

My Rules
Void · Faith / Void / Faith
What We Built
Count Me Out · 110
Walk The Block
Cloak Dagger · We Are
Drunken Violence
Fed Up · split w/ Disavow
Rules Of A Ghost Hunt
This Time Next Year · A Place For You
Winter's Coming
Commitment Crew · Hisingen
Achilles Last Stand · The Dead Soil
Dear brother
Gravemaker · demo
Tooth Grinder
Animosity · Animals
Distress · split w/ Diskelma
Broken Distance · Hourglass
Later Is Better
Living With Lions · Dude Manor
Wolf Parade
Up The Fury · Behind Every Mind
Wall Of Pride
One Voice · Break Free
Zooparty · You Are Here
The End
Hit The Bricks · demo
OK Now
The Real Danger · s/t
Life Of Regret
Enforcer · Redefining The Goal
Drugs Win Drug War
Poser Disposer · Waiting To Inhale
Our Rules
China Creeps · s/t 7"
Deal With It · World Coming Down
Spider Hole
40 Birds · Shotgun Therapy
The Kill Boys · s/t
London Bridges
The Razorburns · Ouch!
I Rise · Down
Chain Pig latte
Slingshot · Shmer
Keep It Together
Sportswear · What It Meant
Seperating The Genius
Carry the Torch · Dead Weather
Cry Havoc
Final Verdict · Reaching For Something Better
Unleash The Fury
Infinite Missiles · Rage Till We Die demo