Flex Your Head Episode January 29, 2008

4:30pm - 6:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Fingerprints And Sandpaper
Left With Nothing · Good things Come To those Who Wait
World Stand Still
Reach The Sky · So Far From Home
Can This Be
Wipers · Youth Of America
Death Cycle
Limb From Limb · Death Famine Plague
Seen Through These Eyes
Last To Remain · Operation Beatdown
The Boatman
Grave Maker · demo
The Fuse
Zooparty · You Are Here
Washed Up
Born Bad · Moron Music 7"
Sick And Tired
Pulling Teeth · Martyr Immortal
Diary Of A Madman
Poverty Bay Saints · demo
Our World, My War
Final Verdict · Reaching For Something Better
Less And Less
Another Sinking Ship · Works Well In A Crowded Area
Living Hell · The Lost And The Damned
Period Of Consequences
40 Birds · Shotgun Therapy
Order 66
Infinite Missiles · Rage Till We Die demo
Calming Down
Walls · s/t
Bro Ettiquette
Slingshot · SHMER!
The Kill Boys · s/t
Hit The Bricks
Hit The Bricks · demo
Marvelous Darlings · I Don't Want To Go To The Party
Working Class Friday Night
The Harrington Saints · s/t 7"
For All I Care It Can Burn
Carry The Torch · Dead Weather
Real Bad Time
Bad Chopper · s/t
This Is Japan
No Secrets Between Sailors · demo
Disco Sucks
D.O.A. · Punk Rock Singles 1978-99
Dude, We have Like $900
Up The Fury · Behind Every Mind
Re-Volts · s/t
Shipwreck A.D. · Abyss
Death Is Not Glamorous · Wide Eyes
Bad Habit · demo