Flex Your Head Episode October 16, 2007

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

Facedown · Beyond All Horizons
Coffee Black
As Friends Rust · s/t
Running With Scissors
The Great Deceiver · Life Is Wasted On The Living
Annihilation Time · Cosmic Unconsciousness
somethings going on
tranzmitors · s/t
Sting Of Clarity
Verify · Till There's Nothing Left Inside
Alcoholic Superheroes
Guided Cradle · You Will Not Survive
We're Not Like You
Alternate Action · s/t 7"
Self Delusion
Soul Control · Involution
Trapped Under Ice · demo 7"
Go It Alone · Histories
Bob Sagat Was A War Hero
Critical Picnic · s/t
Born To Die
To The Lions · Baptism Of Fire
Peligro Social · No Religion
Climate Of Fear
Bitter End · Climate Of Fear
Master Killer
Merauder · Master Killer
Move To Press
Wednesday Night Heroes · Guilty Pleasures
Everything That Bleeds
Criminal Damage · No Solution
You Can Forget Me
In Stride · Place Of Decay
The Lives We Fear
Ruiner · Prepare To Be Let Down
No Labels Here / Marriage Is For Suckers
Hummingbird Of Death · Diagnosis : Delicious
The Fallout · Dismantlement
Guilty Conscience
Fat Prezident · Through The Eyes Of The Innocent
No Respect
Instant Asshole · D.U.I. Or Die
Seekers Of The Truth · Tinman
See You In Hell · Utok
Hunt Me
Sayyadina · Mourning The Unknown
hawt lixx
daggermouth · turf wars
Stagger Lee
Modern Life Is War · Midnight In America
Who The Fuck Are You?
Broken Needle · s/t