Flex Your Head Episode January 10, 2006

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

I'm Not Sure
The Chords · So Far Away
The Jam · This Is The Modern World
Melody Lee
The Damned · Machine Gun Etiquette
Something To Prove
Spermbirds · Something To Prove
Tough Shit Mickey
Conflict · Increase the Pressure
The Real
Refused · Everlasting
Sob Story
Minor Threat · Out of Step
The Accused · Oh Martha!
SNFU · And No One Else Wanted To Play
Wings Tear
Integrity · Those Who Far Tomorrow
sixteen-twenty three
Undertow · Control
Headfirst! · Demo
It Must Look Pretty Appealing
Bad Religion · No Control
I Wanna Get A Mohawk
AFI · Answer That And Stay Fashionable
Carved Out
The Hope Conspiracy · Cold Blue
Off My Chest
Carry On · A Life Less Plagued
Don't Call Me Tonight
Tear It Up · Nothing To Nothing
The Hope Conspiracy · split w/ The Suicide File
Fuck Them
Gob · Too Late... No Friends
Good Riddance · A Comprehensive Guide To Moderne Rebellion
John Woo
Botch · American Nervoso
Rodeo Clown
Lifetime · Hello Bastards
Do You Still Hate Me?
Jawbreaker · 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
The Prisoner
D.O.A. · Something Better Change
The Eliminator
Agnostic Front · Cause For Alarm
Build Me A Bomb
Jerry's Kids · Is This My World?
Police Crimes
BGK · Jonestown Aloha
Crucifix · Dehumanization
Fueled By Hate
The Accused · Oh Martha!
Irony is for Suckers
Lifetime · Hello Bastards