Flex Your Head Episode September 27, 2005

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

Came Without Warning
Scream · Still Screaming
The Voice
The Execute · "Great Punk Hits" comp
We Must Rebel
Offenders · We Must Rebel
Never Return
13 Steps · This Is the Reality That We Confront
Scalping Screen · ...Blood out
Spinning Heads · Change the Game
Over Our Heads
Achilles · The Dark Horse
It's Your Life
Blue Monday · Rewritten
Forgetting What Was Once Forgiven
Deeper Than That · The Threat That Comes From Within
Adult Crash
Dead Hearts · No Love, No Hope
The Crawl
Lords · Swords
Heretics & Killers
Protest the Hero · Kezia
No Motivation
Obgyn · "Smash the States" comp
The Boys In Blue
Hard Skin · Same Meat Different Gravy
shoulda known better
darkbuster · a weakness for spirits
The Unseen · State of Discontent
Boom Boom Kid · Smiles From Chappanoland
All You Do Is Jerk
FM Bats · Everybody Out... Shark in the Water
Snuff · Six Of One, Half A Dozen of the Other
"You Got A Deathwish, Johnny Truant?"
The Fall Of Troy · Doppelganger
I Smoke A Cigarette, I Pretend I'm Normal...
Grave for the Fireflies · Bitten
Free Will
Union Made · Hard Grace
Faith and Fiction
Go It Alone · The Only Blood Between Us
Reality TV
Friends Suck · Constantly Forward
Abusive Action · s/t
Stand By Your Guns
Major Conflict · Sounds Like 1983
Zombie versus Shark
Send More Paramedics · split w/ Zombie Apocalypse
Kop 2 Betala For 3
Sunday Morning Einsteins · Kangnave
Smash Racism
Nausea · The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 2
Big Brother
Fleas and Lice · Recipes For Catastrophes