Flex Your Head Episode August 16, 2005

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

Face Reality
Hard Stance · Face Reality 7" EP
Men In Blue (Part 1)
Youth Brigade · Sound & Fury
Suffocate the Weak
Under Siege · split w/ A Traitor Like Judas
Insanity In Numbers
The Binding · s/t CD EP
There ani't no CAN'T in AmeriCAN
Curl Up And Die · The One Above All, The End Of All That Is
Death Ritual
The Endless Blockade · Turn Illness Into A Weapon
Do Nothing
Snuff · Six of One, Half A Dozen of the Other
Tripwire Desire
Somerset · Pandora
Blowback · Lies
Reality TV
Friends Suck · Constantly Forward
Two Lies
Lords · s/t
This Life Is For You
Kurwa Aparata · s/t 7" EP
Viimeinen Kolonna · split 7" w/ Kurwa Aparata
Breaking the Law
Fleas and Lice · Recipes for Catastrophes
Go It Alone · The Only Blood Between Us
Dead Hearts · No Love, No Hope
Eye For An Eye · Dystans
Major Conflict · Sounds Like 1983
Throwing Bricks
Venera · One Louder
Fallen Wisdom · Immortal
Crime Desire · We Hate All Life
Hanging On
The Lost Patrol Band · s/t
Guns and Apathy
The Resistance · Revenge on the Riverside
Stand and Deliver
Darkbuster · A Weakness For Spirits
The Fight/Your Game
Righteous Jams · "Generations" comp
Zombie versus Shark
Send More Paramedics · split w/ Zombie Apocalypse
Year One
Kersey · Bloodshot
Snake Eyes
Caldera · Iamtrash
Living misery
The Cold Within · split w/ See The Light
When Living Means Surviving
Deeper Than That · The Threat That Comes From Within