Flex Your Head Episode December 21, 2004

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

Seek Shelter In Hell
The Varukers · Another Religion, Another War
Pissaa Ja Paskaa
Terveet Kadet · Aareton Joulu 7" EP
Victims of a Bombraid
Anti Cimex · Victims of a Bombraid 7" EP
State · No Illusions 7" EP
Dear Sirs
Koro · 700 Club EP
My Father's Dreams
Articles of Faith · What We Want Is Free 7" EP
Seeing Red
Minor Threat · First Demo Tape
Boiling Point
SS Decontrol · The Kids Will Have Their Say
The Poor Rich
Target of Demand · Man's Ruin 12" EP
No One
Necros · Conquest For Death
My Rules
Black Flag · TV Party 7" EP
What You Pay For
F.U.'s · My America
Wasted Life
Urban Waste · Mob Style
mrs. palmer
personality crisis · creatures for awhile
Government Wins!
Upright Citizens · Open Eyes, Open Ears...
Cause For Alarm · s/t 7" EP
Regress No Way
7 Seconds · "Cleanse the Bacteria"
Came Without Warning
Scream · Still Screaming
Die A Slave
Unwanted · Shattered Silence
Youth Youth Youth · Syn
Gang Green · Sold Out 7" EP
Husker Du · In A Free Land 7" EP
Like Father/Like Son
Offenders · We Must Rebel
Die Kreuzen · Cows and Beer 7" EP
Sick of Talk
Negative Approach · s/t 7" EP
GBH · Leather, Bristles, Studs & Acne
Lama · s/t
Telling Them
Social Distortion · Mommy's Little Monster
Stalag 13 · In Control
I Like Cola
Outo · "Hardcore Unlawful Assembly" comp