Flex Your Head Episode December 7, 2004

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

Sip Yek Nom · Blah Ditty
Sane Asylum
Misery · split w/ Toxic Narcotic
North America Is Built On Slavery
Life Against Death · Demo
Grayhound · the sound & the fury demo 2004
Ultimo Atto
Plastination · Opera 21
Rock N Mass
Breather Resist · split w/ Suicide Note
Le Progress de la Malade
Signal Lost · Children of the Wasteland
Freedom Or War
Blastmat · Chopping Block
Broken · Homeland Security
I Could See Terminator
Back When · Celebration of Alceste
je l'appelai
Mihai Edrisch · l'un sans l'autre
Something About Vampires And Sluts · We Break Our Own Hearts
Minivan (Halen)
Kitty Kat Dirt Nap · I Am A Robot...
Angels and Demons
Let it Burn · the expanding universe
The Prison
Children Of Gaia · I Pray To Watch You Bleed