Flex Your Head Episode September 28, 2004

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

Vampire's Dream
Personality Crisis · Creatures For Awhile
Start A Fight
Raw Power · The Hit List
Sweet Dreams
Bullets And Octane · The Revelry
Self Medicated
The Killing Gift · Who Watches The Watchmen?
The Pace
The Code · Rhetoric of Reason
The Enablers · Sweet Fuck All
Stand Alone
Everything For Some · A Thought Refused
living between
On A Solid Rock · Steal It Back
Turn and Run
Last Of The Famous · The Music or the Misery
a timeless classic
the reason · ravenna
childhood memories
Workers Etiquette Manual · the haves vs. the have-nots
Less culture, more roundabouts
Grayhound · the sound & the fury demo 2004
Tenibrio Molitor
Martial Law · Demo
war song
F-Minus · Sweating Blood CD EP
Broken Mirrors
Dead Man Walking · screaming past turns into silent future
Norma Jean
China White · Addiction.2
Simple True
Forward · Fucked Up!!
Model Citizen No 1
Sunday Morning Einsteins · Kangnave
Pissing On Your Grave
The Rites · Wish You Never Knew
Fighting Chance · sacrifice and struggle
(title in Japanese)
Hammer · More Hammer EP
Blood Oranges
das Oath · s/t
Dying By Degrees
Planes Mistaken For Stars · Up In Them Guts
Moon-lit Sunrise
Across Five Aprils · Living In The Moment CD EP
Swan Killer
Since By Man · A Love Hate Relationship
Just Can't Chill
The Kill Decibel · Bled Dry
Cut Shallow · watch it cave in
You've Got It All Wrong
Shell Shock · split 7" EP w/ Bullet Treatment
Roots Beneath Ideals
Before Today · A Celebration Of An Ending
My future is new
16 reasons · My apologies... your flower will never be withered