Flex Your Head Episode September 21, 2004

6:00pm - 8:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

too politcal?
Really Red · Teaching You The Fear
Fucked Up Karma
Muletrain · Demoliton Preaching
Can't Get Away With That
Stiff Little Fingers · Guitar and Drum
C.aarme · s/t
subhuman nature
belvedere · fast forward eats the tape
Cry For Me Please
September Is Falling · s/t
Torch Song
Kersey · Demo
Bombshell Rocks · love for the microphone
God Bless America
Kegcharge · Sadistic War Glory
Bad Breath
DFA · split 7" w/ Bones Brigade
Bullet Treatment · split 7" w/ Shell Shock
Black Cloud
Converge · You Fail Me
Deadly Sinners
Three Inches Of Blood · Advance And Vanquish
Snowblood · The Human Tragedy
Rethinking basic antiracism
GFK · If Liberty Isn't Given It Should Be Taken
Cigarette Put Out In Blood
Tetsuo · Malmohrahkign
One In A Million
Last Of The Famous · The Music or the Misery
Redemption Crew
Superhero · split 7" w/ On Fire
No More Fuckers
Wreckage · This Is America 7" EP
Sharp Tongues, Slit Wrists
The Rites · Wish You Never Knew
Medical apartheid
Grayhound · the sound & the fury demo 2004
The End of the Line
Hot Water Music · The New What Next
Lights Out
Honeysuckle · Lights Out
the cheques in the mail
Arkham · the Freak Power Candidate
When Our Hearts Are Wicked
Cut Shallow · watch it cave in
Vaux · Plague Music
I Felt I Knew Her
Roses Are Red · Conversations
Today Cake, Tomorrow Spraying For Roaches
Nevea Tears · Do I Have To Tell You I Love You
Blueprint For Bablyon
Signal Lost · Children of the Wasteland
Bled Dry
The Kill Decibel · bled dry