Flex Your Head Episode August 31, 2004

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

Endless Blockades For the Pussyfooter
GISM · Detestation
Siege · Drop Dead
Close Second · s/t CD EP
Love American
Give Up The Ghost · We're Down Til We're Underground
Blink, Brake
Death Before Disco · Party Bullet
Grey Judas
blue rose liar · sycamore
Not One Of Us
Celebrity Murders! · Demo 2003
Something Must Be Done
Antidote · Thou Shalt Not Kill
Deadly Sinners
Three Inches Of Blood · Advance And Vanquish
Twenty Seven
Please Mr. Gravedigger · Here's To The Life Of The Party
A Perfect Smile & Broken Wings
Odd Project · The Second Hand Stopped
Rethinking basic antiracism
GFK · If Liberty Isn't Given It Should Be Taken
the anger and the sadness
Nintey Nine Anger · the anger and the sadness
Modern Life Is War · My Love. My Way
queen of prussia
scraps and heart attacks · still sick
Ritter · Six Degrees of Variation
even the mona lisa is falling apart
the backup plan · dearest whomever...
Less Than Zero
Terror · One With the Underdogs
don't get me wrong
Victims Of Society · ...the gloves come off
Parade of Idiots
Die Young · The Message
picking up the pieces
Go It Alone · vancouver gold
Can't Wait To Quit
Sick Of It All · Relentless CD EP
Bombshell Rocks · love for the microphone
What Could've Been
Fucked Up · Epics In Minutes
Know Your Enemy
The Code · Rhetoric of Reasons
Burn Them Prisons
Leftover Crack · Fuck World Trade
without the truth
on a solid rock · steal it back
the rain
blue monday · what's done is done
Nothing New
Dead Stop · Done With You
hearts and minds
Fighting Dogs · s/t