Flex Your Head Episode August 3, 2004

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

Protest and Survive
Discharge · Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
Made To Be Broken
Poison Idea · Kings of Punk
Drawn in Quarters
Die Young · The Message
no dice
Allegiance · s/t
Four Letter Word · Crimewave! 7" EP
2 Black Guns
Hong Kong Blonde · Split Finger Fastball
The School of Assassins
Anti-Flag · "Rock Against Bush Vol. 1"
Armed To the Fucking Teeth`
Decontrol · The Final War
Wanna Play With Us?
DFA · split 7" EP w/ Bones Brigade
On Fire · split 7" EP w/ Superhero
Rakna Med Brak
Sunday Morning Einsteins · Kangnave
Beautiful Nightmare
Dead Man Walking · screaming past into silent future
Bullet Treatment · split 7" EP w/ Shell Shock
Can't Relate
Wreckage · This Is America 7" EP
Financial Incentives
Artimus Pyle · Fucked From Birth
Song #7
Kersey · Demo
Ten Foot Fall
Kersey · Demo
Fear the Reaper
Bones Brigade · split 7" EP w/ DFA
You've Got It All Wrong
Shell Shock · split 7" EP w/ Bullet Treatment
Spare A Life
No More Fear · One Thing We'll Share 7" EP
Torch Song
Kersey · Demo
Redemption Crew
Superhero · split 7" EP w/ On Fire
All I Can Take
Dead Stop · Done With You
when words fall short
Damage Control · What It Takes
My So-Called Band · Weapons of Mass Distortion
The Phoenix Foundation · We Need To Make Some Changes
Chain Letter
Endicott · the words in ink don't lie
Kill Your Beloved
the maple room · Demo
Bruce Banner · "I've had it w/ humanity"
Know Your Enemy
The Code · Rhetoric of Reason