Flex Your Head Episode June 15, 2004

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

State Oppression
Raw Power · Screams From the Gutter
SNFU · If You Swear, You'll Catch No Fish
Something Must Be Done
Antidote · Thou Shalt Not Kill
Musta Valta Kunta
Mellakka · R.I.P: Recordings 1984-1986
Night Dreams
Junior Achievement · Fade to Black
No Shelter
The Epidemic · s/t
Our Own Worst Enemy
Slumlords · s/t
what it meant
In Stride · Demo 2004
A Fighting Chance
Two Knives · Demo
doggystyle · moments of awakening
Thicker Than Water · Demo
Wishin' Roulette
Shook Ones · Demo 2004
Change sorrow into rage
FC Five · final countdown five ep
The Bonds · Not A Phase
Youth's Gone Thrashin'
DIE! · I hope you die
Changes For the Worse
I Excuse · Burn the Empty to the Trash
Spanking The Monkey · Apathetic Society
Four Letter Word · Crimewave! 7" EP
Career Suicide
Career Suicide · s/t
oh yeah
The Bombshells · s/t
Radio Rockstar
Void Section · Broken Harmonies
Belvedere · Fast Forward Eats the Tape
Special Friend
Capo Regime · split w/ Midnight Creeps
il grande ovile
Me For Rent · Il Manuale Del Perfetto Impostore
Drawn in Quarters
Die Young · The Message
our way
Damage Control · What It Takes
Sex Positions · s/t
Stopped Dead
The Good Fight · Breathing Room
picking up the pieces
Go It Alone · vancouver gold
You Brought This On Yourself
Backstabbers Incorporated · Kamikaze Missions