Flex Your Head Episode May 11, 2004

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

New greed
FC Five · final countdown five ep
turn it off
Go It Alone · vancouver gold
myths of today
Summer League · supposed to trail
Make a statement
Face the Enemy · These Two Words
Aversion Therapy
Evolution So Far · The Armies of Bitterness
Strike Hard
Casey Jones · The Few The Proud The Crucial
End of the Line
The Legacy · Dead Weight
Marching Over Babylon
the Hearsay T.A.O. · by land, by air, by sleep
Girl's Got A Face Like Murder
Fear Before The March Of Flames · Odd How People Shake
Sal the Snitch
Hope And Suicide · split w/ Emmanuel.7
Take The Cut
The Letters Organize · (The Cure)
banana rejection
silent drive · love is worth it.
Ritter · Six Degrees of Variation
Dying Degree
Evergreen Terrace · Writers Block
How Long Do We Have To Bear Our Fucking Crosses?
Bridge To Solace · Of Bitterness and Hope
UK Subs · Staffordshire Bull
R'N'R · The Infamous and Notorious
The Phoenix Foundation · These Days
Taste This Picture
Despistado · The Emergency Response
The Kid's a Mess
The Vibrators · live: near the Seedy Mill Golf Club
Codename: Deadman
Black Cougar Shock Unit · s/t
Albert React · Confluence & Scrapes
Input the Output
Challenger · Give the People What They Want In Lethal Doses
Four Letter Word · Crimewave! 7" EP
We're Blank
Regulations · "Destroy" 7" EP
What Could've Been
Fucked Up · Epics In Minutes
Det Sociala Arvet
Skitsystem · Gra Varld / Svarta Tankar
Hammer · More Hammer 7" EP
Sign Up
Face Tomorrow · The Closer You Get
Wailing Dance
I Excuse · Burn the Empty to the Ash