Flex Your Head Episode April 27, 2004

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

A Modern Tale
The Legacy · Dead Weight
the real enemy
Summer League · supposed to trail
My Future
Regulations · "Destroy" 7" EP
No Way Out
Hammer · More Hammer EP
No Answer
Lawstreet 16 · Off the Sidewalk
Autopilot Off
Burning Heads · Taranto
Outface · [p]revolution
Punitive Damages
Career Suicide · s/t
Forena Er 2
Totalitar · split w/ Tragedy
don't waste my time
Beatbrats · tainted
Akira Core
Indian-Hi · Forever
Change sorrow into rage
FC Five · final countdown five ep
Skaterock Days
DIE! · I hope you die
Your Loss
drive by punch... · dear flannagan...
Watch As We Fall
Ninety Nine Anger · the anger and the sadness
nothing to prove
Flatcat · split w/ Five Days Off
Roses On A Minefield
Heartfelt · Explosive
Sweet Cliches
the reason · problems associated with running
Blood Red Sun
Psyke Project · samara
Turn Me Over
No Secrets Between Sailors · Demo
doggystyle · moments of awakening
Nega Jurema
Raimundos · s/t
What the Fuck Are You Laughing At
Evolution So Far · The Armies of Bitterness
Hell Is Alive
Hong Kong Blonde · Split Finger Fastball Demo
Zombie Crew
Send More Paramedics · The Hallowed and the Heathen
Malefaction · where there is power there is always resistance
Color Removal
Fucked Up · Epics In Minutes
Move Up
R'N'R · The Infamous and Notorious
picking up the pieces
Go It Alone · vancouver gold
Det Sociala Arvet
Skitsystem · Gra Varld / Svarta Tankar