Flex Your Head Episode March 16, 2004

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

Everything I Won't Miss
Fifth Hour Hero · You Have Hurt My Business...
Who Cares Anyway?
Heartfelt · Explosive
Input the Output
Challenger · Gve People What They Want...
Hold Your Tongue
Books Lie · Hall of Fame of Fire
Moving On
Quarterlife Crisis · Forget the Time
Ritter · Six Degrees of Variation
Feeling Grim
Amerikan Made · Demo
Panic on the Terraces
Shook Ones · Demo 2004
My Own Private South Oaks
Crime In Stereo · split w/ Kill Your Idols
You make me ill
The X-Possibles · Blood Everywhere
How Many Votes Does It Take...
straight to your brain · swingers, winos...
Hell Is Alive
Hong Kong Blonde · Slit Finger Fastball Demo
The Jester's Bow
Affront · When Death Won't Kill You
the rain
blue monday · what's done is done
100,000 voices
Physical Challenge · Some Still Care
colligere · incerto
Diddly Squat
Leatherface · Dog Disco
Less Than You Hoped For
Gunmoll · Board of Rejection
hear tonight
Flatcat · split w/ Five Days Off
Crosstops · Truck and Disorderly
i doubt it
Chop-Sakis · ghost town crowd
Shoot People, Not Dope
Toxic Narcotic · Shoot People, Not Dope EP
State of Arrest
Under Pressure · Still No Future
The Lost Days
The Horror · First Blood
when will it stop
Tear It Up · taking you down with me
I Shot Cyrus · Tiranus
Delusions On Fire
Kylesa · A 100° Heat Index
From Ashes Rise · Nightmares
Frat Boy
Caustic Christ · Can't Relate
Victim Culture
Celebrity Murders · Demo