Flex Your Head Episode March 2, 2004

6:00pm - 8:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Americans Are Cool
Spermbirds · Something To Prove
Joe's the Best
Raw Power · Screams From the Gutter
Hands Untied
Wasted · Can't Wash Off the Stains
Sete de Setembro
Blind Pigs · s/t
officer porkchop
The Butcher · mass destruction
No Apologize
Brain Failure · Turn On the Distortion!
99Anger · Who Comes First?
The Drive
Reconcile · "This Is Our Time"
S Pasitel'
Ilegality · split w/ Svine!
Sobut x We Go!
Sobut · Sobut x We Go!
Can it be really right
Danmush · From Here...
Fuck Hip Rapper
Bathtub Shitter · Lifetime Shitlist
Smash Raid · split w/ Shachi
Crying Settlement
Fullstop · 2001 fullstop odyssey
Svine! · split w/ Ilegality
Blitz & Glitz
The Vectors · still ill
Rock my heart (always)
Fonzie · built to rock
Color of Hate
Radical Noise · Plan-B
The Hymn of the Democratic Youth
Tarakany · Freedom Street
Victims · split w/ From Ashes Rise
Blod Rod
Avskum · Punkista
No Fucking Joke
Send More Paramedics · The Hallowed and the Heathen
Cristo Anonimo
I Shot Cyrus · Tiranus
What the Fuck
Dandare · uncritical mass
The part that stays
Close Second · s/t CD EP
World Premier
Razor Crusade · Are You Wired?
Sonhos que sonharam por nos
colligere · incerto
True Love
Nothing Gold Can Stay · Hate Is Not the Opposite of Love
Song of Nature
Naiad · Hardcore Emotion
One-Way Holiday
Cornflames · The Farewell Drive