Flex Your Head Episode January 20, 2004

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

A Look At Tomorrow
Discharge · Why
Seek Shelter In Hell
The Varukers · Another Religion, Another War
take it away
Maypole · Burning In Water, Drowning In Flame
Used To Be
Vision · Detonate
Inhuman · The New Nightmare
Hands Untied
Wasted · Can't Wash Off the Stains
Fly With Broken Wings
Nothing Gold Can Stay · Hate Is Not the Opposite of Love
Close Second · s/t CD EP
it ain't all hugs and handshakes
crime in stereo · split w/ kill your idols
Near Death
November Coming Fire · Black Ballads
What the Fuck
Dandare · uncritical mass
Sunbeam Relatonship
Severance · Let's Talk About Us
Razor Crusade · Are You Wired?
Room With A View
Calico System · he Duplicated Memory
Counterparts and Number Them
Alexisonfire · s/t
If I Had A Penny For Every Perverted Priest
The Separation Suicide · This Conversation
Premonitions Of War · Left In Kowloon
Mezzanine~C14 · He Keeps Silent and Sacrifices Himself
can't kill the dead
Scalping Screen · 13 Revolting Strains
It's Nights Like This That Keep Us Alive
Himsa · Courting Tragedy and Disaster
his talk, her teeth
there were wires · somnambulists
Morda · Eighty Six
A Jealousy Issue · If the Flames Don't Kill Us... We Will
Malkovich · The Foundation Rocks
Just A Friendly Reminder
Time For Living · The Cheat Is Not Dead
See Right Through
Far From Breaking · The Identity
Growing Pains
Mental · Get An Oxygen Tank!
The Stakeout · On the Run
Played Out
The Change · s/t
100,000 voices
Physical Challenge · Some Still Care