Flex Your Head Episode January 6, 2004

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

an addict's lover
soilent green · a deleted symphony for the beaten down
new #2
avail · over the james
sweating blood
f-minus · wake up screaming
to an end
strife · s/t
you are my favorite line in the worst song ever written
scrotum grinder · the greatest sonic abomination ever
defiant hearts
hope conspiracy · endnote
a case of evacuation
jr ewing · ride paranoia
don't chop your rope
deadsure · from your head to your sacrum
busses/no busses
bear vs. shark · right now, you're in the best of hands
instro/what will happen next?
positive approach · s/t
broken art for expensive hearts
saint catherines · the art of arrogance
war against!
nerve agents · the butterfly collection
you can kill the protestor, but you can't kill the protest
anti-flag · the terror state
baiting the public
fucked up · s/t
every time i die · hot damn!
a disease called man
drop dead · splir w/ totalitar
cut me dead
fifth hour hero · scattered sentences
the bolivian army lays siege to seattle
roy · tacomatose
the half eaten sausage would like to see you in his office
the locust · plague soundscapes
total control
fuck on the beach · fastcore on the beach
get this right!
raised fist · dedication
like the angel
rise against · revolutions per minute
love american
give up the ghost · we're down 'til we're underground
while you're ahead
career suicide · sars 7"
crazed world
no consent · generation of today
burn the bastards
lancasters · alexander & gore
the four of us
those unknown · scraps
jhazz never spelled so good
christiansen · stylish nihilists
drinking from the necks of the ones you love
these arms are snakes · this is meant to you
envy · a dead sinking story