Flex Your Head Episode December 16, 2003

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

I'mNot Listening
Snuff · Snuffsaid...
Men In Blue (Part 1)
Youth Brigade · Sound & Fury
Born of Ashes · A Force That Gives Us Meaning
The Void
Vision · Detonate
Now and Here
Friction · The Next Chapter
Close Second · s/tCD EP
The Worst · demo
All Go No Slow
Bones Brigade · I Hate Myself When I'mNot Skateboarding
Famous Last Words
Dragnet · We're All Cutthroats
Won't Conform
NAOP · Hard to Deny
Alive and Well
The Funeral · Ruled By None
Mental · Get An Oxygen Tank!
I Still Feel the Same
Kill Your Idols · For Our Friends
Break This Fall
Burden · With Every Step Forward
Darker Than You Think
Inhuman · The New Nightmare
Sea Legs
Scraps And Heart Attacks · Still Sick
Losers Union
Avskum · Punkista
Czolgosz · Guernica
Star Strangled Bastards · Whose War Is It?
ketchup is king
The Butcher · Mass Destruction Manual
Up To You
The Stakeout · On the Run
You're Dead
The Vectors · still ill
endstand · hit and run
sweet revenge on st. mark's high school
the backup plan · dearest whomever...
Sad Story
I Defy · The Firing Line
See Right Through
Far From Breaking · The Identity
Danmush · From Here...
can't kill the dead
Scalping Screen · 13 Revolting Strains
Declare Your War
Throwdown · Haymaker
Near Death
November Coming Fire · Black Ballads