Flex Your Head Episode December 2, 2003

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

strength in solitude
panic · dying for it
i watch you sleep
panic · dying for it
broken down and out
explosion · flash flash flash
do or die
straw dogs · s/t
converge · jane doe
lost perfection
between the buried and me · the silent circus
an epitaph
darkest hour · so sedated, so secure
as one we stand
deaththreat · split w/over my dead body
if we can't have it, we're gonna take it
crispus attucks · red black blood attack
through the motions
in my eyes · the difference between
high maintenance
Deadsure · from your head to your sacrum
youth enrage · destructive progress
meant to be
where fear and weapons meet · s/t
effigies · haunted town
here's the door
worn thin · remnants of what could have been
nightmares win
a static lullaby · and don't forget to breathe
end of discussion
botch · v/a-brewing
dead celebrities are amusing
christiansen · stylish nihilists
voice your opinion
insted · what we believe
mother holiday
christiansen · stylish nihilists
too much at stake
pointing finger · v/a-this is our time
beyond description · fine day nostalgia
electric tongue
oil · electric tongue
flame still burns
youth of today · we're not in this alone
it ain't all hugs and handshakes
crime in stereo · split w/ kill your idols
fortune teller
hot cross · cryonics
distress of ignorance
envy · a dead sinking story
you can't kill integrity
throwdown · haymaker
a lesson lived is a lesson learned
hatebreed · the rise of brutality
as if
the failure · ...of reason