Flex Your Head Episode November 18, 2003

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

ensign · love the music, hate the kids
verbal assault · your choice live series
take control
sick of it all · life on the ropes
lights go out
strike anywhere · exit english
black market cigarettes
black cross · art offensive
mutiny on the electronic bay
against me! · as the eternal cowboy
under things killed
christiansen · stylish nihilists
cross my heart, hope to die
fordirelifesake · breathing in is only half the function
the anatomy of the journey
boysnightout · making yourself sick
cutting class
paint it black · cva
the rain
blue monday · what's done is done
aiding the grape dragon
these arms are snakes · s/t
trapdoor fucking exit · s/t
system check
moneyshot · v/a-night of the living punks
queen of prussia
scraps and heart attacks · still sick
given flight by demon's wings
shai hulud · v/a-take action
chapter four
avenged sevenfold · v/a-take action
cursed · s/t
i wanna know
agnostic front · dead yuppies
out of reach
agnostic front · dead yuppies
take her to the music store
from autumn to ashes · too bad you're beautiful
we are the housefire
light the fuse and run · split w/transistor transistor
time don't heal a thing
kill your idols · split w/crime in stereo
where's your faith?
close call · someone talked
shortcut for a quick getaway
glasseater · everything is beautiful when you don't look down
one for the angels
horror show · split w/count me out
dinner's for suckers
none more black · file under black
dress rehearsal
snapcase · bright flashes
snapcase · bright flashes
i got chills
the bronx · s/t