Fill-in Show Episode October 21, 2013

Geraldo's Hour at CiTR 101.9 fm 21-Oct-2013

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Elmer Wiens DJS Geraldo's Hour
EDM - Electronic Dance Music, CiTR PSAs, BC Children's & Women's Hospitals Still Fabulous Thrift Shop, Translink referendum, Translink
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artist - song (album)

Sean nicholas Savage - She looks like you (Other Life)
sean nicholas savage - lonely woman (other life)
Pick a Piper - Once We Were Leaves (Pick a Piper)
Jessy Lanza - Against the Wall (Pull My Hair Back)
Jessy Lanza - Fuck Diamond (Pull My Hair Back)
Austra - Hurt Me Now (Olympia)
Hannah Georges - Chit-Chat (This Is Good)
Belle Starr - New Girl Now (Belle Starr)
Man Man - Head On (On Oni Pond)
Shawn Mrazek - Thought He Was Dead (Shawn Mrazek)
Ora Cogan - Summer Wine (Ribbon Vine)
Jordan Klassen - Sweet Chariot (Repentance)
Bent Shapes - Hex Maneuvers (Feels Weird)
Jasper Sloan Yip - Cut Your Teeth (Foxtrot)

Track Listing:

She looks like you
Sean nicholas Savage · Other Life
lonely woman
sean nicholas savage · other life
Once We Were Leaves
Pick a Piper · Pick a Piper
Against the Wall
Jessy Lanza · Pull My Hair Back
Fuck Diamond
Jessy Lanza · Pull My Hair Back
Hurt Me Now
Austra · Olympia
Hannah Georges · This Is Good
New Girl Now
Belle Starr · Belle Starr
Head On
Man Man · On Oni Pond
Thought He Was Dead
Shawn Mrazek · Shawn Mrazek
Summer Wine
Ora Cogan · Ribbon Vine
Sweet Chariot
Jordan Klassen · Repentance
Hex Maneuvers
Bent Shapes · Feels Weird
Cut Your Teeth
Jasper Sloan Yip · Foxtrot