Femconcept Episode September 4, 2015

1:00pm - 2:00pm

General discussion about Victory Square Block Party and upcoming events.

Track Listing:

What's Up
Fleabite · TTYL
I Truly Do Not Mind
Woolworm · Everything Seems Obvious
Spank Patriarchy
Other Jesus · Everything is Problematic
Cave Girl · not well thank you
Kinda Bad
Francesca Belcourt · Zongs
Princess of Cups
Ramzi · Houti Kush
Covered in Shade
Helen · the original faces
Mountain Time
Molly Nilsson · Zenith
Empress Of · Me
Since When are you Gay?
Childbirth · Women's Rights
Horsepowar · Single
I've Been Thinking
Handsome Boy Modelling Club · White People