Exquisite Corpse Episode October 28, 2010

The Dawn of Recording part 1.

7:30am - 9:02am

The Julius Block Cylinders 01. SERGEI TANEYEV, The Dawn of Recording, Mozart: Fantasie in C Minor, K. 396
02. JOSEF HOFMANN, The Dawn of Recording, Anton Rubinstein: Contredanse A, no. 3
03. ANNA ESSIPOVA?, Godard: Gavotte in G, op. 81, no. 2
04. PAUL PABST?, Tchaikovsky-Pabst: Paraphrase on Sleeping Beauty
05. EDDY BROWN, The Dawn of Recording, Haydn-Burmester: Minuet in F, from Symphony No. 96
06. Ward Marston, The Julius Block Cylinders, Ward Marston on Youtube
07. JASCHA HEIFETZ violin and WALDEMAR LIACHOWSKY piano, Cui: Orientale, from Kaleidoscope, op. 50
08. SERGEI TANEYEV? and LEO CONUS, Leo Conus: Suite for Piano Four-Hands
09. ANTON ARENSKY piano; JAN HR?MAL? violin; and ANATOLY BRANDUKOV cello:, The Dawn of Recording, Arensky: Piano Trio No. 1 in D Minor, op. 32 First movement - Allegro
10. MADAMOISELLE NIKITA (LOUISA MARGARET NICHOLSON)? (1872?unknown), soprano and PYOTR SCHUROVSKY? (1850?1908), pianoVerdi: Ernani, involami, from Ernani
11. LAVRENTII DONSKOI? (1857 or 1858?1917), tenor and unidentified pianist, Rubinstein: O pechal I toska from Nero
12. LEO TOLSTOY. With Countess Sofia Andreevna Tolstaya (Wife, 1844?1919), Tatiana L?vovna Tolstaya-Sukhotina (Daughter, 1864?1950), and Tatiana Mikhailovna Sukhotina-Albertini (Granddaughter, 1905?1996)14 February 1895 Russia (Tolstoy and his wife), 2 November 1927; (C245) Vevey, Switzerland (Tolstoy?s daughter and granddaughter)