Exploding Head Movies Episode September 21, 2015

XHM #281 - "The intuitive art of wooing nature" (2015 September 21)

7:00pm - 9:00pm

In tribute to the life of Dr Oliver Sacks (1933-2015), we profile Randy Newman's score from the 1990 film adaptation of Sacks' memoir Awakenings. Stay awake! VIFF is coming!

1. Beck: Movie Theme (The Information, 2006) Interscope
2. MYSTER_EEZ: Deep State - The Awakening (Deep State - The Awakening, 2015) Kikimora/God69
3. Toro y Moi: Empty Nesters (What For?, 2015) Carpark
4. Slim Twig: Textiles on Mainstreet (Thank You for Stickin' with Twig, 2015) DFA
5. Autechre: Bronchus One.1 (An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music 1936-2003, 1991) Sub Rosa
6. Autechre: Kalpol Introl (Incunabula, 1993) Warp
7. Mattlack: 43a (L.I.F, 2015) Collect-Call
8. Bernard Herrmann: Prelude (Vertigo OST, 1958) Var?se Sarabande
9. Harrison Brome: Pools (Pools single, 2015) self-released
10. Air France: Hold On to Me Baby (Hold On to Me Baby: holiday single, 2007) Sincerely Yours
11. Francis Lai: The Bobo [bossa nova] (The Bobo OST, 1967) Warner Bros
12. TOPS: Sleeptalker (Picture You Staring, 2014) Arbutus
13. Embassylights: Inside/Outside (Embassylights, 2014) self-released/Boompa
14. Ladyfrnd: Go Quietly (Farewell EP, 2015) Hybridity
15. Ele: Bounce (Noir EP, 2013) self-released
16. Jamie XX: Sleep Sound (In Colour, 2015) Young Turks
17. Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld: Won't Be a Thing to Come (Never Were the Way She Was, 2015) Constellation
18. Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld: And Still They Move (Never Were the Way She Was, 2015) Constellation
19. Buffy Sainte-Marie: Farm in the Middle of Nowhere (Power in the Blood, 2015) True North
20. Colin Stetson: Awake on Foreign Shores (New History Warfare Volume 2: Judges, 2011) Constellation
21. Raymond Scott: Awake (Manhattan Research Inc., 2000) Basta
22. Carla Bley: Stay Awake (Escalator Over the Hill, 1971) JCOA
23. Home Alone: No One's Awake (Teddybears & Weed, 2013) Orchid Tapes
24. Stars of the Lid: Even If You're Never Awake (...and Their Refinement of the Decline, 2007) Kranky
25. Great Lake Swimmers & T Dekker: Awake (Song Sung Blue OST EP, 2008) Weewerk
26. Kevin Shields: Are You Awake? (Lost in Translation OST, 2003) Emperor Norton
27. Alexandre Desplat: Awakening (The Tree of Life OST, 2011) Lakeshore
28. Randy Newman: God's Song - That's Why I Love Mankind (Sail Away, 1972) Reprise
29. Randy Newman: Escape Attempt (Awakenings OST, 1991) Reprise
30. Randy Newman: Lucy (Awakenings OST, 1991) Reprise
31. Randy Newman: Dr Sayer (Awakenings OST, 1991) Reprise
32. Randy Newman: Awakenings (Awakenings OST, 1991) Reprise
33. Randy Newman: Ward Five (Awakenings OST, 1991) Reprise
34. Randy Newman: Leonard (Awakenings OST, 1991) Reprise
35. Dexter Gordon: Cry Me a River (Dexter Blows Hot and Cool, 1955) Dootone


Track Listing:

Movie Theme
Beck · The Information
Deep State - The Awakening
MYSTER_EEZ · Deep State - The Awakening
Empty Nesters
Toro Y Moi · What For?
Textiles on Mainstreet
Slim Twig · Thank You for Stickin' with Twig
Bronchus One.1
Autechre · An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music 1936-2003
Kalpol Introl
Autechre · Incunabula
Mattlack · L.I.F
Bernard Herrmann · Vertigo OST
Harrison Brome · Pools
Hold On to Me Baby
Air France · Hold On to Me Baby
The Bobo [bossa nova]
Francis Lai · The Bobo OST
TOPS · Picture You Staring
Embassylights · Embassylights
Go Quietly
Ladyfrnd · Farewell EP
Ele · Noir EP
Sleep Sound
Jamie XX · In Colour
Won't Be a Thing to Come
Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld · Never Were the Way She Was
And Still They Move
Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld · Never Were the Way She Was
Farm in the Middle of Nowhere
Buffy Sainte-Marie · Power in the Blood
Awake on Foreign Shores
Colin Stetson · New History Warfare Volume 2: Judges
Raymond Scott · Manhattan Research Inc.
Stay Awake
Carla Bley · Escalator Over the Hill
No One's Awake
Home Alone · Teddybears & Weed
Even If You're Never Awake
Stars of the Lid · ...and Their Refinement of the Decline
Great Lake Swimmers & T Dekker · Song Sung Blue OST EP
Are You Awake?
Kevin Shields · Lost in Translation OST
Alexandre Desplat · The Tree of Life OST
God's Song - That's Why I Love Mankind
Randy Newman · Sail Away
Escape Attempt
Randy Newman · Awakenings OST
Randy Newman · Awakenings OST
Dr Sayer
Randy Newman · Awakenings OST
Randy Newman · Awakenings OST
Ward Five
Randy Newman · Awakenings OST
Randy Newman · Awakenings OST
Cry Me a River
Dexter Gordon · Dexter Blows Hot and Cool