Exploding Head Movies Episode August 10, 2015

XHM #275 - "Building up all the yesterdays." (2015 August 10)

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Detroit techno legend Jeff Mills is the subject of the 2014 documentary Man From Tomorrow, so we have all the appropriate robotics at your service.

Many tweets from Detroit techno fans. I will approach this genre from another angle soon, folks.

1. George Fenton & Ken Freeman: Fanfare for Tomorrow (Handplayed by Robots, 1980) KPM
2. Electric Youth: Tomorrow (Innerworld, 2014) Secretly Canadian
3. Auk: Tomorrow Morning (Absolution EP, 2014) Thoughtless
4. Vials: Slow Season (Chrysalis EP, 2015) self-released
5. Waxlimbs: Yourself Open [w.Isabella Davis] (Coldform, 2015) Plutoid
6. Harry Forbes: Tomorrow's Achievements (Tomorrow's Achievements: Parry Music Library 1976-86, 2012) Public Information
7. The Number Line: New Crown (2015) self-released
8. Jessy Lanza: Fuck Diamond [Bambounou remix] (You Never Show Your Love EP, 2015) Hyperdub
9. Bing & Ruth: TWTGA (Tomorrow was the Golden Age, 2014) RVNG Intl
10. CFCF: Part 1 - Departure (The Colours of Life, 2015) 1080p
11. Ramzi: A Jungle 4 Ramzix 2 (Upload Leaves: Delete Fragment mixtape, 2014) Singapore Sling Tapes
12. Thievery Corporation: Tomorrow (The Mirror Conspiracy, 2000) ESL/4AD
13. Jacques Greene: 1 4 Me (After Life After Party EP, 2014) LuckyMe
14. Paranerd: Ballsacid (Circular Diagonal Cut EP, 2015) Low Noise Productions
15. Richard Denton & Martin Cook: Tomorrow's World (TV Sound and Image: British Television, Film And Library Composers 1956-80, 1980) Soul Jazz
16. Luke Vibert: Square Footage (We Hear You, 2009) Planet Mu
17. LFO: Freak (Sheath, 2003) Warp
18. Strategy: Tomorrow May Never Come (Boxology, 2014) 100% Silk
19. Jeff Mills: DNA (Waveform Transmission: Volume 3, 1994) Tresor
20. Jeff Mills: Robot Replica (Metropolis, 2000) Tresor
21. Jeff Mills: Multi-Dimensional Freedom (Man from Tomorrow OST, 2014) Axis
22. Jeff Mills: Gravity Drive (Man from Tomorrow OST, 2014) Axis
23. Jeff Mills: Us and Them (Man from Tomorrow OST, 2014) Axis
24. Jeff Mills: The Man Who Wanted Stars (Man from Tomorrow OST, 2014) Axis
25. Jeff Mills: The Watchers of People (Man from Tomorrow OST, 2014) Axis
26. Caustic Window: Fingertrips (Caustic Window, 1994) Rephlex
27. Jeff Mills: Starless 2 (Apollo EP, 1999) Axis
DIALOGUE: Tomorrow, You Will Wake Up a New Man (The Prisoner: File #3, 2002) Silva Screen
28. The Chemical Brothers: Reflexion (Born in the Echoes, 2015) Virgin EMI/Astralwerks


Track Listing:

Fanfare for Tomorrow
George Fenton & Ken Freeman · Handplayed by Robots
Electric Youth · Innerworld
Tomorrow Morning
Auk · Absolution EP
Slow Season
Vials · Chrysalis EP
Yourself Open [w.Isabella Davis]
Waxlimbs · Coldform
Tomorrow's Achievements
Harry Forbes · Tomorrow's Achievements: Parry Music Library 1976-86
New Crown
The Number Line · New Crown
Fuck Diamond [Bambounou remix]
Jessy Lanza · You Never Show Your Love EP
Bing & Ruth · Tomorrow was the Golden Age
Part 1 - Departure
CFCF · The Colours of Life
A Jungle 4 Ramzix 2
Ramzi · Upload Leaves: Delete Fragment mixtape
Thievery Corporation · The Mirror Conspiracy
1 4 Me
Jacques Greene · After Life After Party EP
Paranerd · Circular Diagonal Cut EP
Tomorrow's World
Richard Denton & Martin Cook · TV Sound and Image: British Television, Film And Library Composers 1956-80
Square Footage
Luke Vibert · We Hear You
LFO · Sheath
Tomorrow May Never Come
Strategy · Boxology
Jeff Mills · Waveform Transmission: Volume 3
Robot Replica
Jeff Mills · Metropolis
Multi-Dimensional Freedom
Jeff Mills · Man from Tomorrow OST
Gravity Drive
Jeff Mills · Man from Tomorrow OST
Us and Them
Jeff Mills · Man from Tomorrow OST
The Man Who Wanted Stars
Jeff Mills · Man from Tomorrow OST
The Watchers of People
Jeff Mills · Man from Tomorrow OST
Caustic Window · Caustic Window
Starless 2
Jeff Mills · Apollo EP
The Chemical Brothers · Born in the Echoes