Exploding Head Movies Episode May 18, 2015

XHM #263 - "Plastic palace person" (2015 May 18)

7:00pm - 9:00pm

This is your Scott Walker primer, as we tread softly amongst sixties ballads, epic tales before drifing towards Pola X and film songs.
An intro to Scott Walker, along with a tribute to BB King & David Letterman, announcements regarding upcoming concerts this week, probably bad jokes off the top of my head regarding Victoria Day.
We'll save the weirder Scott Walker when it's time for more time -- longer songs.


1. Wild Beasts: New Life (Present Tense, 2014) Domino
2. No Shoes & One Sock: Alpha [excerpt] (Meltdown!, 2014) Terrapin
3. Future Islands: The Chase (The Chase single, 2015) 4AD
4. Spoon: Do You (They Want My Soul, 2014) Loma Vista
5. Timber Timbre: Resurrection Drive, Pt II (Hot Dreams, 2014) Arts & Crafts
6. Paul Shaffer: Theme from Late Night with David Letterman (Late Night with David Letterman, 1982) NBC
7. The Kids in the Hall: Mississippi Gary's "Heaven" (The Kids in the Hall, 1992) Broadway Video/CBC/HBO
8. The Beastie Boys: Ricky's Theme (Ill Communication, 1994) Capitol
9. B.B. "Blues Boy" King & His Orchestra: Whole Lotta Love (You Upset Me Baby 78, 1954) RPM
X. David Lynch: Star Dream Girl (The Big Dream, 2013) Sacred Bones
11. Takeshi Terauchi & His Blue Jeans: Tsugaru Yamabiko Uta/Mountain Echo (Nippon Guitars: Instrumental Surf, Eleki & Tsugaru Rock 1966-1974, 1974) Big Beat
12. AM Static: Rolling Clouds (A Life Well Lived, 2014) self-released
13. Parallel Pyres: Not Brave Enough (Horse Year, 2015) self-released
14. Les Maledictus Sound: Blues Section Club (Les Maledictus Sound, 1968) Canusa
15. The Haiduks: Diamond Drops (1968, 2012) Kinnta
16. Hooded Fang: Genes (Gravez, 2013) DAPS/Full Time Hobby
17. Alan Hawkshaw & The Mohawks: Beat Me 'til I'm Blue (Mo'Hawk - The Essential Vibes & Grooves 1967-1975, 2003) RPM
18. Vulgar, You! Muy Tornado (Fais-Moi Cuire Fais-Moi Jouir, 2011) self-released
19. The Lad Mags: You Stole My Mind (Trick, 2013) self-released
20. Henry Mancini: Bumper's Theme [from The Blue Knight] (The Cop Show Themes, 1976) RCA Victor
21. Cult Babies: Good Death (Cult Babies EP, 2013) self-released
22. WTCHS: Neil (It's Not a Cross, It's a Curse!, 2015) Out of Sound
23. David Lindup: Swiftly (Impact and Action: Volume 2, 1970) KPM
24. Julien Gasc: Canada (Cerf, Biche et Faon, 2013) Born Bad/2000
25. Scott Walker: 30 Century Man (Scott 3, 1969) Philips/Smash
26. Badbadnotgood: Velvet (Velvet 7", 2015) Innovative Leisure
27. The Walker Brothers: I Don't Want to Hear It Anymore (Take It Easy with the Walker Brothers, 1965) Philips
28. Scott Walker: The Big Hurt (Scott, 1967) Philips/Smash
29. Kemialliset Yst?v?t: Hetkinen (Alas Rattoisaa Virtaa, 2014) Dekorder
30. Scott Walker: Black Sheep Boy (Scott 2, 1968) Philips/Smash
31. Scott Walker: Get Behind Me (Scott 4, 1969) Philips/Smash
32. Darkside: Greek Light (Psychic, 2013) Matador/Other People
33. Scott Walker & Paris Philharmonic Orchestra: Bombupper (Pola X OST, 1999) Barclay
34. The Walker Brothers: Deadlier Than the Male (Deadlier Than the Male OST 7", 1967) Philips
35. Scott Walker: The Ballad of Sacco and Vanzetti "Here's to You" (The Moviegoer, 1972) Philips
36. Scott Walker: Only Myself to Blame (The World is Not Enough OST, 1999) MCA
37. Scott Walker & Paris Philharmonic Orchestra: The Darkest Forest (Pola X OST, 1999) Barclay
38. Scott Walker: Farmer in the City (Tilt, 1995) Fontana


Track Listing:

New Life
Wild Beasts · Present Tense
Alpha [excerpt]
No Shoes & One Sock · Meltdown!
The Chase
Future Islands · The Chase single
Do You
Spoon · They Want My Soul
Resurrection Drive, Pt II
Timber Timbre · Hot Dreams
Theme from Late Night with David Letterman
Paul Shaffer · Late Night with David Letterman
Mississippi Gary's "Heaven"
The Kids in the Hall · The Kids in the Hall
Ricky's Theme
The Beastie Boys · Ill Communication
Whole Lotta Love
B.B. "Blues Boy" King & His Orchestra · You Upset Me Baby 78
Star Dream Girl
David Lynch · The Big Dream
Tsugaru Yamabiko Uta/Mountain Echo
Takeshi Terauchi & His Blue Jeans · Nippon Guitars: Instrumental Surf, Eleki & Tsugaru Rock 1966-1974
Rolling Clouds
AM Static · A Life Well Lived
Not Brave Enough
Parallel Pyres · Horse Year
Blues Section Club
Les Maledictus Sound · Les Maledictus Sound
diamond drops
the haiduks · 1968
Hooded Fang · Gravez
Beat Me 'til I'm Blue
Alan Hawkshaw & The Mohawks · Mo'Hawk - The Essential Vibes & Grooves 1967-1975
Muy Tornado
Vulgar, You! · Fais-Moi Cuire Fais-Moi Jouir
you stole my mind
the lad mags · trick
Bumper's Theme [from The Blue Knight]
Henry Mancini · The Cop Show Themes
good death
Cult Babies · cult babies ep
WTCHS · It's Not a Cross, It's a Curse!
David Lindup · Impact and Action: Volume 2
Julien Gasc · Cerf, Biche et Faon
30 Century Man
Scott Walker · Scott 3
Badbadnotgood · Velvet 7"
I Don't Want to Hear It Anymore
The Walker Brothers · Take It Easy with the Walker Brothers
The Big Hurt
Scott Walker · Scott
Kemialliset Ystävät · Alas Rattoisaa Virtaa
Black Sheep Boy
Scott Walker · Scott 2
Get Behind Me
Scott Walker · Scott 4
Greek Light
Darkside · Psychic
Scott Walker & Paris Philharmonic Orchestra · Pola X OST
Deadlier Than the Male
The Walker Brothers · Deadlier Than the Male OST 7"
The Ballad of Sacco and Vanzetti "Here's to You"
Scott Walker · The Moviegoer
Only Myself to Blame
Scott Walker · The World is Not Enough OST
The Darkest Forest
Scott Walker & Paris Philharmonic Orchestra · Pola X OST
farmer in the city
scott walker · tilt