Exploding Head Movies Episode October 6, 2014

XHM #234 - "If only to be designed as beautifully as initially figured" (2014 October 06)

7:00pm - 9:00pm

After The New Pornographers' recent performances in town, we look at leader AC Newman's music from 2013's The F Word (or What If).
Times may be slightly inaccurate.
The punctuation that represents my mind state during this monitoring/reporting episode is the interrobang. Other punctuation marks may also represent the creative words dispensed at the various computers responsible for certain logging functions.


1. Thom Yorke: A Brain in a Bottle (Tomorrow's Modern Boxes, 2014) self-released
2. Kensington Gore: Brother Raymond (Kensington Gore, 2013) Tinker
3. Kode9 & The Spaceape: Kyron [w.Flying Lotus] (Black Sun, 2011) Hyperdub
4. Junior Boys: Double Shadow [Kode9 remix w.The Spaceape] (The Dead Horse EP, 2007) Domino USA
5. Mort Garson: Mellow Mood for Maidenhair (Mother Earth's Plantasia, 1976) Homewood
6. PS I Love You: Limestone Radio (For Those Who Stay, 2014) Paper Bag
7. Black Mountain: Old Fangs (Wilderness Heart, 2010) Jagjaguwar
8. Alan Hawkshaw: Sheer Elegance (Bon Appetit, 1980) Bruton
9. King Khan & the Gris Gris: Discrete Disguise (Garage Swim, 2013) Williams Street
10. Shimmering Stars: Shadow Visions (Bedrooms of the Nation, 2014) Shitty Bike/Almost Musique
11. The Party Upstairs: Languid Laughing Infinity (Cartoon Universe, 2013) self-released
12. The Foggy Notions: One Comes Out Alive (Sussed, 2013) Velocet
13. Louise Burns: Heaven (The Midnight Mass, 2013) Light Organ
14. The Cyrillic Typewriter: Descent (Custodian OST, 2013) JAZ
15. The Cyrillic Typewriter: Lament 4 (Custodian OST, 2013) JAZ
16. We Are the City: Friends Hurt (Violent, 2013) Hidden Pony
17. Kode9 & The Spaceape: Devil is a Liar (Killing Season EP, 2014) Hyperdub
18. Potatohead People: Carry On (Mellowtunes EP, 2012) Jellyfish
19. Cristina: Mama Mia (Cristina, 1980) ZE/Island
20. Hooray for Earth: No Love (True Loves, 2011) Dovecote
21. Angelo Badalamenti: Freshly Squeezed [instrumental] (Soundtrack from Twin Peaks, 1990) Warner Bros
22. Unmade Bed: Go the Whole Way (Unmade Bed, 2013)
23. Owen Pallett: Infernal Fantasy [w.Brian Eno] (In Conflict, 2014) Domino/Tomlabs/Blocks
24. The Arcade Fire & Owen Pallett: Loneliness #3 "Night Talking" (Her OST, 2013) unreleased
25. The Constantines: Young Offenders (The Constantines, 2001) Three Gut/Sub Pop
26. The Constantines: Working Fulltime (Tournament of Hearts, 2005) Three Gut/Sub Pop
27. Arbutus: Free Radicals (Bedroom Safari, 2014) Vague
28. Cool TV: Weird Buzz (Best New Music EP, 2014) self-released
29. AC Newman: Just Walking to the Dress Shop (The F Word OST, 2014) Milan
30. AC Newman: At the Movies, In the Changing Room (The F Word OST, 2014) Milan
31. AC Newman: Hospital Happiness (The F Word OST, 2014) Milan
32. AC Newman: Beach Bummer (The F Word OST, 2014) Milan
33. AC Newman: Chantry's Ticket (The F Word OST, 2014) Milan
34. AC Newman: Booking It Back (The F Word OST, 2014) Milan
35. The New Pornographers: Brill Bruisers (Brill Bruisers, 2014) Matador/Last Gang

RIP The Spaceape.



Track Listing:

A Brain in a Bottle
Thom Yorke · Tomorrow's Modern Boxes
Kyron [w.Flying Lotus]
Kode9 & The Spaceape · Black Sun
Double Shadow [Kode9 remix w.The Spaceape]
Junior Boys · The Dead Horse EP
Mellow Mood for Maidenhair
Mort Garson · Mother Earth's Plantasia
limestone radio
ps i love you · for those who stay
Old Fangs
Black Mountain · Wilderness Heart
Sheer Elegance
Alan Hawkshaw · Bon Appetit
Discreate Disguise
King Khan & the Gris Gris · Garage Swim
Shadow Visions
Shimmering Stars · Bedrooms of the Nation
Languid Laughing Infinity
The Party Upstairs · Cartoon Universe
One Comes Out Alive
The Foggy Notions · Sussed
The Midnight Mass
Louise Burns · Heaven
The Cyrillic Typewriter · Custodian OST
Lament 4
The Cyrillic Typewriter · Custodian OST
Friends Hurt
We Are The City · Violent
Devil is a Liar
Kode9 & The Spaceape · Killing Season EP
Carry On
Potatohead People · Mellowtunes EP
Mama Mia
Cristina · Cristina
No Love
Hooray for Earth · True Loves
Freshly Squeezed [instrumental]
Angelo Badalamenti · Soundtrack from Twin Peaks
Go the Whole Way
Unmade Bed · Unmade Bed
In Conflict
Owen Pallett · Infernal Fantasy [w.Brian Eno]
Loneliness #3 "Night Talking"
The Arcade Fire & Owen Pallett · Her OST
Young Offenders
The Constantines · The Constantines
Working Fulltime
The Constantines · Tournament of Hearts
Free Radicals
Arbutus · Bedroom Safari
Weird Buzz
Cool TV · Best New Music EP
Just Walking to the Dress Shop
AC Newman · The F Word OST
At the Movies, In the Changing Room
AC Newman · The F Word OST
Hospital Happiness
AC Newman · The F Word OST
Beach Bummer
AC Newman · The F Word OST
Chantry's Ticket
AC Newman · The F Word OST
Booking It Back
AC Newman · The F Word OST
Brill Bruisers
The New Pornographers · Brill Bruisers