Exploding Head Movies Episode September 13, 2014

Synaptic Sandwich [fill-in] - "The robots' own galaxy" (2014 September 13)

9:01am - 11:11am

Stepping up one Saturday night to fuse upbeat dance music with weird electronics, vintage new wave and moody techno. Synaptic Sandwich has been on CITR for as long as there has been electricity in the air. I first heard about them in 1997. How old is everyone?

01 Negativland: Right Might (It's All In Your Head, 2014) Seeland
02 Caustic Window: Airflow (Caustic Window test pressing, 1994) unreleased Rephlex
03 Burns: Teknique (Teknique EP, 2009) 2112
04 Ryme: Bak Den (Bak Den EP, 2014) Boysnoize
05 Untold: Peaky ({unclassified}, 2011) Williams Street
06 Daedelus: At Attentions (Drown Out, 2013) Anticon
07 A G Cook: Beautiful (2014) PCMusic
08 DVA: Natty (Hyperdub 10.1, 2014) Hyperdub
09 DJ Dodger Stadium: The Dust (Friend of Mine, 2014) Body High
X! Jean-Pierre Massiera: Radio Galaxia [w.Bernard Torelli] (Turn Radio On, 1976) Marcy Music
11 Factory Floor: Fall Back (Factory Floor, 2013) DFA
12 Richard Fearless: Gamma Ray [Legowelt remix] (2014) Drone
13 Plastikman: Expand (EX: Performed live at the Guggenheim NYC, 2014) Mute/M_nus
14 Kuedo: Mtzpn (Hyperdub 10.1, 2014) Hyperdub
15 Unjee: <3 u Again (2014) self-released
16 The Weeknd: What You Need [Jacques Greene '11 edit] (2014) self-released
17 Prins Thomas: Flau Pappadans [DJ Fett Burger T?llek?ll mix] (Bobletekno & Flau Pappadans Versions, 2013) Full Pupp
18 Blissed Out: Jain (Secrets, 2010) Tropical Fantasy
19 Ludus: Breaking the Rules (Breaking the Rules 7", 1983) Sordide Sentimental
XX Strange Advance: Love Games (Worlds Away, 1982) Capitol
21 Mimico: Man from Japan (Mimico, 2013) Reel Cod
22 Mort Garson: Swingin' Spathiphyllums (Mother Earth's Plantasia, 1976) Homewood
23 Semen Priest: Another Bad Day (Semen Priest, 2013) Arachnidiscs
24 Gold Zebra: Apart Again (Gold Zebra, 2014) Visage Musique
25 Listening Centre: Titoli (Projections, 2013) Ghost Box
26 Superdiscount: Someone Like You [w.Camille, Fast Track vocal mix] (Someone Like You single, 2004) Different/PIAS/Disques Solid

Synaptic Sandwich airs Saturday nights 21:00-23:00 Pacific (GMT+8) on CITR 101.9 FM Vancouver.
Old school web site: http://www.synapticsandwich.net/