Exploding Head Movies Episode November 26, 2012

XHM #143 - "Allons-y, Alonso" (2012 November 26)

7:27am - 9:12am

For some Gallic flair, we have Antoine Duhamel's score to Jean Luc Godard's 1965 French new wave classic Pierrot le Fou. Other strange tunes and sincere tributes abound. A little longer than usual, but there was a lot to tackle and the station was lonely and needed my hot air. Even if you're averse to French New Wave, give Pierrot le Fou a chance; it is fun and unexpected in many ways.

On y va!

1. Riz Ortolani: Una Sull'Altra (Beat at Cinecitta: Volume 1, 1971) Crippled Dick Hot Wax
2. Korean Gut: If You Want (If You Want 7", 2011) Mammoth Cave Recording Company
3. Tom Waits: November (The Black Rider, 1993) Island
4. Jimmy McGriff: Tight Times (Electric Funk, 1969) Blue Note
5. Evy Jane: Sayso (Evy Jane 12", 2012) King Deluxe
6. Total Normal: Simba (Tales of the Expected, 2012) Momental
7. Teebs: LSP [w.Austin Peralta] (Collections 01, 2011) Brainfeeder
8. Austin Peralta: Introduction - The Lotus Flower (Endless Planets, 2011) Brainfeeder
9. Richard Robbins: To American City (The Golden Bowl OST, 2001) Milan
10. Millionyoung: Gymnop?die No. 1 (Gymnop?die No. 1 single, 2010) Old Flame
11. Miguel: Do You... (Kaleidoscope Dream, 2012) RCA
12. Jacques Greene: Must Be Love [Jacques Greene's marriage proposal mix] (Skydiver, 2010) Local Action
13. Tlon: Das Vergessen (Acoustic Lazy Dolls, 2002) Autoplate
14. Andy Stott: Numb (Luxury Problems, 2012) Modern Love
15. The Human League: Empire State Human (Reproduction, 1979) Virgin
16. George Fenton & Ken Freeman: Forwarning (Handplayed by Robots, 1980) KPM
17. YACHT: Le Goudron [edit] (Le Goudron single, 2012) DFA
18. Poirier: Funa Chi Cho [w.Kween G] (Kidnap Riddim, 2012) Poiriersound
19. The P. Xanten & Pierre Lavin Pop Band: In Advance [re-edit] (Music For Dancefloors: The Cream of the KPM Music Green Label Sessions, 2000) Strut
20. France Gall: Made in France (1968, 1968) Philips/Polydor
21. Fran?oise Hardy: L'Ombre (Soleil, 1970) Sonopresse/Reprise Canada
22. Antoine Duhamel: Twist (Pierrot le Fou: Bande Originale, 1965) Universal France
23. Cyrus Bassiak & Anna Karina: Jamais Je Ne T'ai Dit Que Je T'aimerai Toujours (Pierrot le Fou: Bande Originale, 1965) Universal France
24. Antoine Duhamel: Sans Lendemain (Pierrot le Fou: Bande Originale, 1965) Universal France
25. Antoine Duhamel: Ferdinand (Pierrot le Fou: Bande Originale, 1965) Universal France
26. Antoine Duhamel: Pierrot (Pierrot le Fou: Bande Originale, 1965) Universal France
27. Cyrus Bassiak & Anna Karina: Ma Ligne de Chance [w.Jean-Paul Belmondo] (Pierrot le Fou: Bande Originale, 1965) Universal France
28. Antoine Duhamel: La Mort Bleue (Pierrot le Fou: Bande Originale, 1965) Universal France
29. Tomas Barfod: November Skies [w.Nina Kinert] (Salton Sea, 2012) Friends of Friends