Exploding Head Movies Episode October 22, 2012

XHM #138 - "Pea soup dispenser" (2012 October 22)

7:29am - 9:01am

Keeping with our vague October theme, amidst eerie songs, the score to the original 1973 version of The Exorcist compels us. Pardon any distracted moments; the headphones were acting up at times during the start and numerous folks were wandering into the booth near the end.

1. Dick Mills: Moments Of Terror (Out of This World: Atmospheric Sounds and Effects from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, 1976) BBC
2. Flying Lotus: Hunger [w.Niki Randa] (Until the Quiet Comes, 2012) Warp
3. Andrew Bird: Build Up to the Fall (Norman OST, 2011) Mom + Pop
4. Crystal Castles: Wrath of God (III, 2012) Casablanca/Fiction/Universal Republic
5. Two Fingers: 101 South (Stunt Rhythms, 2012) Big Dada
6. John Baker: Chino (The Radiophonic Workshop, 1975) BBC
7. Rasputina: Oh Bring Back the Egg Unbroken (Oh Perilous World, 2007) Filthy Bonnet
8. Bat for Lashes: Laura (The Haunted Man, 2012) Parlophone
9. Mort Garson: Easy to be Hard (Further Inflight Entertainment, 1969) Deram
10. Group Rhoda: At the Dark (Out of Time, Out of Touch, 2012) Night School
11. Nihiti: The Heart's Not (For Ostland, 2012) Lo Bit Landscapes
12. Prince Rama: Golden Silence (Trust Now, 2011) Paw Tracks
13. Glynis Jones: Schlum Rooli (The Radiophonic Workshop, 1975) BBC
14. John Maus: Castles in the Grave (A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unreleased Material, 2012) Ribbon Music
15. Raleigh Moncrief: Lament for Morning (Watered Lawn, 2011) Anticon
16. Loscil: Khanahmoot (Sketches from New Brighton, 2012) Kranky
17. Professor Genius: Cat's Eye (Down There EP, 2008) Jorge Velez
18. DDIILLIIAANN: Young Reign (DDIILLIIAANN EP, 2011) self-released
19. John Scott: Static Time (Menace, 1978) Bruton
20. Malcolm Clarke: Evil Rises Up (Out of This World: Atmospheric Sounds and Effects from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, 1976) BBC
21. Anton Webern: Five Pieces for Orchestra, Opus 10 (The Exorcist OST, 1974) Warner Bros
22. Harry Bee: Windharp (The Exorcist OST, 1974) Warner Bros
23. Jack Nitzsche & Krzysztof Penderecki: Iraq (The Exorcist OST, 1974) Warner Bros
24. Mike Oldfield: Georgetown, "Tubular Bells" (The Exorcist OST, 1974) Warner Bros
25. George Crumb: Threnody 1 - Night of the Electronic Insects [tutti] (The Exorcist OST, 1974) Warner Bros
26. Krzysztof Penderecki: String Quartet [1960] (The Exorcist OST, 1974) Warner Bros
27. Pino Donaggio: Body Double [main theme] (Body Double OST, 2008) Intrada
28. Daphne Oram: Dr Faustus Suite [excerpt] (Oramics, 2007) Paradigm Discs