Exploding Head Movies Episode September 17, 2012

XHM #133 - "But does he live in a garbage can?" (2012 September 17)

7:30am - 9:04am

Nilsson's soundtrack to Robert Altman's 1980 adaptation of Popeye anchors this flimsy vessel. Plenty of wacky Canadiana and other warped indie onboard. For a time, this set was going to be yet another easy listening episode, but a recent influx of new Canadian albums added to CITR's library provided the opportunity to mix this show up in a more fun manner.

Set sails for bewilderment!

1. Hot Chip: Night and Day (In Our Heads, 2012) Domino
2. El Michels Affair: Walk On By (Rewind! 5, 2006) Ubiquity
3. Michael Kiwanuka: Tell Me a Tale (Home Again, 2012) Polydor
4. AC Newman: I'm Not Talking (Shut Down the Streets, 2012) Matador
5. Capitol 6: Beside the Fire (Pretty Lost, 2012) Light Organ
6. The Fabulous Three: Odyssey Revised (Cinematic Soul, 2011) Truth & Soul
7. Fine Times: Strays (Fine Times, 2012) Light Organ
8. Drums and Wires: Stop for a Drink (Waiting on the Moon, 2012) self-released
9. King Krule: Rock Bottom (Rock Bottom single, 2012) Rinse
10. James Clarke: Second Cut [re-edit] (Music for Dancefloors: The Cream of the KPM Music Green Library, 2000) Strut
11. Michael Rault: Two Wings (Whirlpool EP, 2012) self-released
12. The Olivia Tremor Control: A Familiar Noise called "Train Director" (Black Foliage: Animation Music Volume 1, 1999) Flydaddy
13. Kid Koala & The Noveltones: The Gonk [Kid Koala remix] (Shaun of the Dead OST, 2004) Island
14. Tyranahorse: Rumble Tumble (Garbage Bears EP, 2012) self-released
15. Slim Twig: The Shortest Path to Hell (Sof' Sike, 2012) Paper Bag
16. Northern Haze: Qaina (Sinnaktuq, 2012) Supreme Echo
17. George Fenton & Ken Freeman: Buzby's Band (Handplayed by Robots, 1980) KPM
18. The Sandpipers: Misty Roses (Misty Roses, 1967) A&M
19. The Free Design: Umbrellas (Kites are Fun, 1967) Project 3 Total Sound
20. The Matadors: Pay Pay Twist [Popeye's theme] (Get Down from the Tree!, 2011) Munster
21. Harry Nilsson: Me and My Arrow (The Point!, 1971) RCA Victor
22. Lee Gagnon: Ah! Si Mon Moine (Vive la Canadienne, 1976) Radio Canada
23. Harry Nilsson & the Falcons: I Yam What I Yam (Popeye: Studio Sessions, Demos & Outtakes, 1980) bootleg
24. Shelly Duvall, Harry Nilsson & the Falcons: He Needs Me (Popeye OST, 1980) Boardwalk/Epic
25. Robin Williams, Harry Nilsson & the Falcons: Swee' Pea's Lullaby (Popeye OST, 1980) Boardwalk/Epic
26. Shelly Duvall, Robin Williams, Harry Nilsson & the Falcons: Sailin' (Popeye OST, 1980) Boardwalk/Epic
27. Ray Walston, Paul L Smith, Harry Nilsson & the Falcons: It's Not Easy Being Me (Popeye OST, 1980) Boardwalk/Epic
28. Lee Gagnon: Saint-Malo (Vive la Canadienne, 1976) Radio Canada
29. Harry Nilsson & the Falcons: Sweethaven (Popeye: Studio Sessions, Demos & Outtakes, 1980) bootleg
30. Harry Nilsson & the Falcons: Everyone's Got to Eat [Wimpy's Song] (Popeye: Studio Sessions, Demos & Outtakes, 1980) bootleg
31. Harry Nilsson & the Falcons: I Yam What I Yam [instrumental] (Popeye: Studio Sessions, Demos & Outtakes, 1980) bootleg
32. Harry Nilsson & the Falcons: I'm Popeye the Sailor Man (Popeye OST, 1980) Boardwalk/Epic

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