Experiments in Happiness 4'33" 1/3 Episode July 15, 2013

5:02pm - 6:00pm

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Track Listing:

Among Friends
Chan Ka Nin · Among Frinds: Trio des Iscles - Canadian Piano Trios
Bar Kokhba · Lucifer - Book of Angels
Les Lumieres, Pt. 2
Bell Orchestre · Recording a tape the colour of the light
Children's Corner Suite - Golliwog's Cakewalk
Claude Debussy · Classical Masterpieces of Music
Tone Roads No. 1
Charles IVes · Ives: Sympuhony No. 2, Central Park in the Dark, etc.
The Unanswered Question
Charles Ives · Central Park in the Dark, etc.
Gnossienne No. 2: Avec etonnement
Erik Satie · Satie, Erik: Piano Works (Daniel Versano, Philippe Entremont
Piano and String Quartet
Morton Feldman · Kronos Quartet: 25 Years Anniversary 10 CD Box Set