End Of The World News Episode February 6, 2014

Broadcast on 06-Feb-2014

8:00am - 10:00am

Brokeback Putin?! Sprinting into the Year of the Horse

Grahame and Lauren talk Sochi Russia, more spying (this is getting old!). Plus, Obama's State of the Union (Re)Address, and devastation in South Sudan.

Track List:

Samuel Truth - Deja Vu - Blossoms Interlude-After Hours EP
Alexalfonds - Tape pops (preview)-B.I.G mash up
Kline - Peek-A-Boo-Mirror EP Low Indigo 004
Werd - Week Two-Dynamix Records
Wildlight - Rise-BZNZ remix
Wulf - Space V.I.P.-Soundcloud
PANTyRAiD and Mimosa - Chaos Control-Soundcloud
Joseph l'Etranger - Dong A-x The Oneiroscopist
Rook Milo - Outland-s/o ASL fam
iinaK - Bitten Lip-Resistance
Ridylan - Geektup-Ground Mass Music
Afterlyfe - Gold Dust (Re-Trap)-Soundcloud
Pigeon Hole - Higher $tate-Pinch Hitters Remix
Grimes - Genesis-Krusha & Expendable Youth Remix
Duncan Gerow - Rock The Boat-Aaliyah vs 40 + Alicia Keys

Track Listing:

Deja Vu - Blossoms Interlude
Samuel Truth · After Hours EP
Tape pops (preview)
Alexalfonds · B.I.G mash up
Kline · Mirror EP Low Indigo 004
Week Two
Werd · Dynamix Records
Wildlight · BZNZ remix
Space V.I.P.
Wulf · Soundcloud
Chaos Control
PANTyRAiD and Mimosa · Soundcloud
Dong A
Joseph l'Etranger · x The Oneiroscopist
Rook Milo · s/o ASL fam
Bitten Lip
iinaK · Resistance
Ridylan · Ground Mass Music
Gold Dust (Re-Trap)
Afterlyfe · Soundcloud
Higher $tate
Pigeon Hole · Pinch Hitters Remix
Grimes · Krusha & Expendable Youth Remix
Rock The Boat
Duncan Gerow · Aaliyah vs 40 + Alicia Keys